Loyalty program information and terms & conditions

Loyalty program levels at Slots.io are as follows:

·       Bronze (Level 1) – 0 points – 1x multiplier

·       Silver (Level 2) – 600 points – 1.25x multiplier

·       Gold (Level 3) – 5,000 points – 1.5x multiplier

·       Platinum (Level 4) – 26,250 points – 1.75x multiplier

·       Diamond (Level 5) – 100,000 points – 2x multiplier

·       VIP (Level 6) – 350,000 points – 3x multiplier

You will be gaining Level Points with every bet. For example if you bet 1€ you will get 1 level point for making the bet and 5 level points for the bet value. Another example, when you bet 0.1€ you will get 1 level point for making the bet and 0.5 points for the bet value.

All bet value generated level points are based on individual users gameplay!

Only real money gameplay will generate level points.

Loyalty program rewards are as follows but not limited to:

·       Bronze (Level 1) – Milestone rewards (Free spins, cash, reward points, bonuses etc)

·       Silver (Level 2) – Milestone rewards

·       Gold (Level 3) – Milestone rewards

·       Platinum (Level 4) – Milestone rewards + 5% rebate cash from house edge

·       Diamond (Level 5) – Milestone rewards + 7% rebate cash from house edge

·       VIP (Level 6) – Milestone rewards + 10% rebate cash from house edge

Milestone rewards will be unlocked when a user generates a certain amount of level points. This can be viewed in the Account profile “Loyalty program” tab. Levels may have different amount of milestone rewards, these special rewards are unlocked as you progress from one level to another. For example from Silver to Gold you need to collect 4,250 points but during that time you receive Milestone rewards like free spins, cash etc. These could be earned 10 times every 400 points collected for example.

Earning rebate cash from house edge is based on each individual game house edge %. The average slot game house edge is 4%. When playing a slot game then on average with every spin you, as the player, from a 10€ bet win back 9.6€ and the 4% house edge is 0.04€ from every bet.

When you are Super Elite level you gain 10% of the house edge meaning as per the above example you would get 0.004€ rebate cash with every bet! You will be gaining rebate cash into your “Reward balance” with every bet, win or no win.

All milestone rewards available to the users are fully personalized for the users individual characteristics and gameplay. Rewards may differ from user to user.

When you have an active bonus your gameplay will not contribute towards the loyalty program. You will not be able to generate level points or reward points.

Reward points”, or in other words “rebate cash from house edge” (as named above) are generated currency specific. When you play in EUR you gain rebate cash to your EUR reward wallet, in SEK you gain rebate cash to your SEK reward wallet etc. All rebate cash will be credited to your real money wallet and will not have any restrictions unless otherwise stated.

You can monitor your loyalty level progress, milestone rewards availability and reward points from your Account profile “Loyalty program” tab.

You can exchange your “Reward points” for rebate cash under your Account profile Loyalty Program tab by clicking the “Add to Balance” button. Funds will then be added to your real money balance.

As you progress through the Levels you will start gaining more Level Points. Here is the multiplier table of level points:

·       Bronze (Level 1) – 0 points – 1x multiplier

·       Silver (Level 2) – 600 points – 1.25x multiplier

·       Gold (Level 3) – 5,000 points – 1.5x multiplier

·       Platinum (Level 4) – 26,250 points – 1.75x multiplier

·       Diamond (Level 5) – 100,000 points – 2x multiplier

·       VIP (Level 6) – 350,000 points – 3x multiplier

For example, when you are on “Diamond” (level 5) you will get double (2x) the points.

All of the casino games are distributed into “House edge” categories that range from 0.5% to 30% dependent on the games house edge.

Some games will be excluded from the loyalty program due to in-game features which are not compatible or do not suit the overall entertainment purpose of the loyalty program. The excluded games will be listed in these terms and conditions:

· OneTouch - Russian Poker
· NetEnt Blackjack - Touch, Blackjack Touch - Single Deck, Jacks or Better Double Up
· Microgaming - Max Damage, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Premier Euro Bonus Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Redeal Gold, Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold, Premier Euro Blackjack Gold, Premier Hi Lo 13 Euro Blackjack Gold, Premier High Streak Euro Blackjack Gold, Big 5 Blackjack Gold, Jacks or Better, Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold, Spanish Blackjack Realistic
· Yggdrasil - Dr. Fortuno Blackjack, Sonya Blackjack

Base currency for the loyalty program is Euro. Betting €1 in value generates 5 level points, €2 generates 10 points, €10 bet generates 50 points etc. 

The amount of points generated in other currency wallets depends on the current exchange rate.

Using methods, techniques or software which allow a player to gain an edge over other players and/or the bonus system are prohibited and considered abuse. All bonuses are meant for non-professional and entertainment purposes only.

Slots.io may change or cancel any milestone rewards, rebate cash house edge rewards or any other associated aspects of the Loyalty program, at its sole discretion at any given time.

- At the start of every month your level (loyalty) points will reset BUT you will maintain your current level. For example, if you had reached Platinum level in June, your level (loyalty) points will reset to 0 but you will maintain the benefits of the Platinum level for the duration of July (points multiplier, rebate %, any other rewards).

- To keep your loyalty level you need to collect the points needed for your current level each month. If during the active month you do not collect the points needed to retain your loyalty level from previous month, you will drop 1 level next month.

For example: If you managed to reach the Platinum level in June, then after your level (loyalty) points have reset at the start of July you need to collect at least the required amount of points for Platinum during July to keep the Platinum level for August. Should you not achieve that you will drop one level at the start of August as the level (loyalty) points reset - you will then be on Gold level.

- At the start of every month all of your milestone rewards will reset so you could once more claim them during the new month when starting to collect points again.

- Reward points (points that can be exchanged for cash) will be reset once every 6 months. Please make sure you claim all of your rebate cash, by clicking the "Add to balance" button, before this time. The first reward points reset will occur on 00:00:01 on the 1st of January 2020.

By registering on Slots.io and participating in real money gameplay you hereby accept these terms and conditions.

All other Slots.io terms and conditions apply.