Learn the Basics of Poker Chips

Learn the Basics of Poker Chips


One of the most important elements in playing a hand of poker is poker chips. They had become such a staple that casino chips have been characteristically called Poker Chipsnowadays. Learning your way through the various chip denominations, colours and distributions can help you the next time you decided to participate in a game of poker.

Poker is known internationally as a casino game that relies on luck and skill. A basic game of poker is played with a deck of 52 cards that have players betting on each other depending on the size of their hand.

The bets placed in a poker game’s ante are in the form of casino chips that have various denominations with colours differentiating the values from each other. Most players often take these chips for granted. They simply buy-in, sit on one of the tables and start riffling through the poker chips as they wait for the dealer to deal them a hand.

Casino chips have long been used to represent cash to make it easier for players and casinos to wager in a game. You can say that these chips are a player’s weapon in a game. Players begin with a standard number of chips and build them up throughout a game or tournament. Poker chips are available in different colours with each being equivalent to a certain amount of money.

Betting chips have been standardized to the type that we now know during the early 1800s. Saloons and gaming houses found in the West started using engraved pieces of bones, ivory or clay as chips in their house-run games. Modern chips are now custom-designed and manufactured for various casinos all around the world.

A chip’s weight, texture, design and colour are carefully controlled and it’s harder to counterfeit than paper money. Some casinos even have microchips embedded on the gambling markers of the chips, making them impossible to copy.

Poker uses a standard value and colour for most of the chips used in the game. Keep in mind that it does not apply to every casino and poker table that you can participate in. These are the full list of possible chip colours and their standard values:


Value / Denomination (€)




2 (rarely used)





Grey / Green












Yellow / Burgundy


Light Blue




There are various variations in poker chip colours. That is why there are values that have two colours listed for them. Poker chips can also have different variations depending on which city a casino is located in.

For example, one casino in Las Vegas implements chips like the brown €2 along with peach €3 dollar chips. In California, the €1 chip is usually blue instead of white while the €100 chips are the ones that are coloured white and are usually oversized.

There are also high-value chips that have denominations of €5,000, €10,000, €25,000 and higher. These chips are usually reserved for the high rollers in casinos because chip values that go above €5,000 or higher are a special occasion.

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