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What Are Side Bets in Roulette?

What Are Side Bets in Roulette?

What Are Side Bets in Roulette?


Everyone’s heard of Roulette and its numerous bets at one point or another. Memorizing all of Roulette’s bets and possibilities can sometimes be draining and tiresome. This is where Roulette side bets come in. They give the game a little more pizazz to make the gameplay more exciting. Here are some to get you started.

Some Examples of Roulette Side Bets

Lucky Ball Roulette

The Lucky Ball Roulette side bet has a betting area that allows players to bet on its 4 different coloured sections. The colours vary from casino to casino, but one thing that’s constant among them is that all four sections always have different payouts ranging from 6:1 to 120:1. Once players bet on their desired sections, random numbers will be assigned to each section. If the ball lands on a section’s number, bets for that section win and are paid accordingly.

Jackpot Streets Double Six

The Jackpot Streets Double Six adds 12 new side bets, one for each of the current Street bets in standard Roulette. The side bet will win if the ball lands on one of the numbers belonging to the Street of the side bet. Two standard dice will also be tossed and are used to determine the payout. If neither dice shows a 6, the payout is 5:1. If one dice shows a 6, the payout is 17:1. Lastly, if both dice show a 6, the payout is 90:1.

Roul 8

The Roul 8 side bet uses three infinity dice with five blank sides and one side with an infinity symbol. Whenever the roulette table spins, the dice are also shaken either by hand or inside a special device. There are different payouts for every outcome, depending on whether or not the ball lands on 8 and how many infinity dice display the symbol after being thrown. The payouts range from 0:1 all the way up to 888:1.

Roulette Side Bets: The Next Round 

There is an incredible number of Roulette side bets played in casinos all over the world and each Roulette table has a new set of side bets for you to learn. The ones listed above are only some. Go ahead and take some of’s Roulette games for a spin. 

Some online Roulette tables also have their own special bets like Yggdrasil’s Golden Chip Roulette and Microgaming’s Multiwheel European Roulette. Whether it’s the classics or modern variants, has everything you’ll ever need from a Roulette game.

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