Slay With Wins in Dragon Tiger Live

Slay With Wins in Dragon Tiger Live


In a fight between a dragon and a tiger, have you wondered about the odds of you coming out victorious? Well, you can get a chance to slay with wins like no other in Dragon Tiger Live. To do so, there are a few things you need to know on how to play Dragon Tiger Live.

What Is Dragon Tiger?

Before you think about ferocious beasts grappled each other, Drago Tiger is basically a two-card version of baccarat. You may remember baccarat as one of the easiest card game to play, so this makes Dragon Tiger a delightfully simple game.

This game was invented in Cambodia and has spread throughout Asia. Today, it continues to merit global popularity with the help of the internet as a live dealer game in online casinos. An example of which is Evolution’s Dragon Tiger Live that you can play in

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger Live

Dragon Tiger Live is played using a standard English deck made up of 52 cards. Cards are ranked just like in poker. Moreover, jokers or wild cards aren’t used with most of the game dealt from a blackjack shoe holding six or eight decks.

Each round consists of two cards that are both dealt face-up on the respective Dragon and Tiger spots on the table. A win is determined by the highest card. All aces are the lowest and if both spots receive the same value card, the hand is a tie and the house will take half of every wager that has been placed.

Get to know each bet in the table below:

Type of Bet


House Edge










Suited Tie













How to Play Dragon Tiger Live

Being a simple game, you only have two basic moves in Dragon Tiger Live. The first one includes betting on either the Dragon or the Tiger. The highest card will get payouts. The other player move is the tie bet wherein you can win only if the cards have the same value.

Small and big bets can also be prepared because you’ll have to wager whether the Dragon or the Tiger is over 7 for a big bet or under 7 for a small bet. If the value is precisely 7, you lose.

Tips on How to Play Dragon Tiger Live

There are just a few strategies on how to play Dragon Tiger Live. Your best option is to count cards in order to choose the right bets. On the other hand, if counting cards seems like a daunting task to you, you should consider sticking to the Dragon and Tiger bets because of their low house edge.

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