Football Studio Live: Big League Thrills

Football Studio Live: Big League Thrills


Have a superbowl of thrills and big prizes! Learn how to play Football Studio Live, a football-themed card game with one goal—to pump your adrenaline with every draw. 

Football Live Studio is a thrilling live table card game that features football field-themed tables, witty football analyst style dealers and a champion’s pot in the form of massive payouts. 

Football Studio Live: Home, Away and Draw

Unlike playing football on the field, learning how to play football studio live is fairly easy. The table card game uses 8 standard card decks without the Jokers and a clever dealer that you can interact with through a live chat system. The game has two rounds: a betting and drawing round. 

The betting round requires you to place your wager on one of the three possible outcomes: Home, Away and Draw. You can hit home run with a Home wager if the card on the left side has a greater value than the right card. The opposite is true for the Away bet. You can win with the Away bet if the card on the right has a larger value than the left card. The Home and Away bet wins you 1:1 payouts. 

There’s also the Draw bet that can win you a whopping 11:1 payout. You can win with the Draw Bet if the left and right cards have equal values. If you bet Home or Away and a Draw outcome happens, you can still win a payout equivalent to half the amount you wagered.

Football Studio Live: The Ultimate Goal

Football Studio Live has it all easy mechanics, huge prizes and adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Team this up with witty sports analyst-esque dealers and exciting football theme and you will surely hit the goal post with every draw of Football Studio Live. 

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Have the chance to strike gold when you play here!

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