Private Table Games: The Luxury & Privacy You Need

Private Table Games: The Luxury & Privacy You Need


Upon hearing the words ‘private table’, people often scoff and hide their intimidation. It’s the place for high-rollers and millionaires, some might say. While there’s a grain of truth to it, not all private tables are exclusive only to those with big moolah to their name.

Online casinos offer varied types of entertainment for the modern punter. Video slots, bingo, and poker are there for your entertainment. Live dealers aren’t excluded from this hype, of course. It caters to people who prefer to see dealers in the flesh rather than play against AI. 

Live dealer tables can be rowdy and confusing, however, with multiple players opting to join in at any moment. Some might find this atmosphere familiar and enjoyable but for some, it can add pressure to the game.

Good thing there are private table games available for punters no matter the bet size! Depending on your minimum bet size, you can enjoy an intimate setting with First Person Tables, Salon Prive, and Bombay Club.

First Person Tables are the brainchild of RNG casino games and live dealer games. In a game of blackjack, for example, there can be a lot playing with you but you won’t be able to see them. Not even a dealer is on sight. It’s just you, the table, and the algorithm running in the game.

These tables have a low minimum deposit and are accessible by anyone. It offers privacy and easy gameplay with the added zing of 3D animations.

Salon Prive provides privacy with its single-player private tables. Each game offers only one slot per player so you won’t be able to enter a game room if someone is playing. This means that you have the dealer for yourself and you have more control over the game. You can ask the dealer to shuffle the cards again anytime you want.

Unlike First Person Tables, Salon Prive requires a higher minimum bet and can only be accessed by players who have enough moolah in their deposits.

Lastly, there’s Bombay Club with its high-roller live tables provided by Evolution Gaming that can exclusively be played by VIPs. Its maximum bet reaches 50,000 credits! If you want to be a member of this club, you have to continuously place wagers in games until the casino sends you an invitation. 

What comes with this membership are access to special events, dedicated VIP managers, and promos that are available only to VIPs. So if you’re looking into becoming part of the elite table, you need to keep betting but first of all, ensure that you have the pot.

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When playing games, the most important part is that you’re comfortable and you enjoy yourself. This is why there are different private table games available that provide privacy, comfort and luxury. Begin your first-class journey here!


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