The Magic of Live Dealer Technology

The Magic of Live Dealer Technology


The innovations brought by technology have made life easier for people. Everything now can be done through devices connected to the internet. Whether it’s paying bills, purchasing items, renting a car, or even a place to stayyou name it and the Internet has it. This includes live casino games.

One of the industries upgraded by the booming tech is casinos. Gone are the days where the only way to have an engaging casino game is to drop by land casinos. Time and distance constraints usually keep people from enjoying the exciting gameplay and environment in traditional land casinos. 

Nowadays, if you crave the lights and the exciting mood in land casinos but don't have the time to visit one, you can always visit online casino sites where you can play with live dealers and players. This is possible because of the advanced technology offered by various game developers that want to make online gaming more accessible for people. 

To facilitate this kind of gameplay for their players, game developers have high-tech features that can make all this possible for casino gamers. 

Web Cameras

Live casino gaming functions the same way as video streaming. There are several cameras inside the live casino that cover different positions. These cameras link different players from each other to create an atmosphere of an actual casino. To fully appreciate this, you must have a steady internet connection. 

Game Control Unit 

The GCU or the Game Control Unit acts like a computer program. Once the GCU receives feeds from the video, it will automatically convert the data it receives into a code that can only be processed by the machines. The information received will be converted into information that players and live dealers can understand. 

Dealer’s Monitor 

The dealer’s monitor is an important instrument in online casinos. Since live casinos have live dealers, this unit helps create a more realistic casino atmosphere by having the presence of dealers that players can interact with in real-time. 

Advanced Casino Wheels 

Computerized casino wheels is another unit that makes up a live casino. To fully mimic how a land casino works, developers use this wheel to seamlessly send results to both players and live dealers. 


A streaming software is one of the most important ingredients to fully appreciate the magic brought by live casinos. The softwares used by the providers ensures the frictionless flow of the live casino gaming. The softwares also enables fast-paced travel of information between dealers and players. 

The Know-How: Live Dealer Technology

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