Keeping it 100: The Pros of Loyalty Bonuses in

Keeping it 100: The Pros of Loyalty Bonuses in


Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. Once you are here at, you are already a part of a big and happy family of players and providers. Welcome home!

For your dedication, rest assured you’ll be appreciated here at casino. Hefty rewards and rebates await you at every loyalty level you achieve. What’s more, they’re tailored to what you need and use for a better casino gaming experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Loyalty Bonuses in

Invest your money in not only great payouts from fun casino games but also the Loyalty program. There are no complicated steps to follow. You are already a few steps closer just by playing

That’s right. All you have to do is play in real money, collect Level Points with every bet you make, and maintain your playing streak to level up in the Loyalty program at 

Just starting out? No problem! will boost you to a great start. Keep collecting Level Points to advance to the next level and get ampler rewards on every milestone. The table below enumerates the levels of the Loyalty program of and their corresponding points and rewards:





Bronze (Level 1)

0 points


Milestone Rewards

Silver (Level 2)

750 points


Milestone Rewards

Gold (Level 3)

5,000 points


Milestone Rewards

Platinum (Level 4)

35,000 points


Milestone Rewards + 5% rebate cash from margin

Diamond (Level 5)

100,000 points


Milestone Rewards + 7% rebate cash from margin

VIP (Level 6)

350,000 points


Milestone Rewards + 10% rebate cash from margin calculates the value of the rewards you can receive on each level by multiplying your turnover (amount of money you played within a certain period) with the gameplay margin or house edge. The product of this formula is your Gross Game Revenue (GGR).

The Loyalty formula provides equality to players because the rewards are based on all your lucky payouts. If you’re a winning player, rewards are based on theoretical GGR. On the other hand, if you’ve been unfortunate, rewards are based on the real GGR.

Awesome Advantages of Loyalty Rewards

Being appreciated is awesome. A lot of online casinos have set up various loyalty bonuses to express their gratitude to their faithful players. stands out with a Loyalty program like no other. 

For one, you are rewarded with a Win Multiplier. This helps you boost your winnings every time you play. There are also bonuses such as Free Spins, Reward Points, and more. 

Reward points not only keep you in your current Loyalty Level but they can also be converted to cash. The base currency is in Euro. Placing a bet of €1 in value generates 5 level points, €2 generates 10 points, €10 bet generates 50 points etc. 

That’s not all. boasts a Loyalty program that is personalized to your gaming characteristics. This allows you to fully enjoy playing and redeeming rewards that you will actually use. You can monitor your loyalty level progress, milestone rewards availability and reward points from your Account.

There’s nothing like being treated as a VIP, and makes sure that you will be pampered for your relentless loyalty. Start playing with real money now and collect Reward Points to make your way to each Loyalty Level.

Like all VIPs, you don’t have to wait any further to play your favourite casino game at It features a wide array of casino games like Classic Blackjack or Roulette

You can also go on an enthralling adventure filled with orcs and dragons you must slay with the help of Elven allies in Tower Quest. Winning is as easy as waving a wand and saying Abracadabra at 5x Magic.


Live through various eras of casino games when you play here!

No hassle, no bustle—deposit now and start playing!

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