How to Maximize Your Multipliers in the Loyalty System

How to Maximize Your Multipliers in the Loyalty System


A hidden trove of multipliers awaits you when you become a loyal spinner in Find out how you can maximize these multipliers to increase your wins! features a wide lobby of slot games that you can enjoy. Aside from offering the best slot games in town, these games are also developed by the most notable providers in the industry. Inside the lobby, you will find a diverse collection of slot games that will fit your every mood. 

Aside from the entertaining and quality games, these slot games are packed with the best multipliers. To activate these multipliers, all you have to do is play the games you love continuously and try as many games as you can. The points you gain from these games will increase your LP or Level Points. We have various slot games and table games that you can enjoy on our site. Book of Dead, Classic Blackjack, and Temple Stacks are some of the most played games on our lobby,

There are seven (7) Loyalty Levels you can unlock, these are called Milestones. Each Milestone is packed with different goodies like freebies, prizes, and perks that increase their value each time you conquer a level. To reveal the benefits you can get from these Milestones, you need to gain a certain number of points, and to achieve that, you have to be a consistent and determined player. 

If you want to know how many points you need to move up a level, you can check below the points you need to acquire.

Level 1= Beginner 

Once you join us at, you are already considered as a player on this level. During this stage, you are already given a boost of 1x multiplier. As soon as you accumulate a steady count of 5 points, you will be allowed to proceed to the next level. 

  • Points: 0-4 
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Rebate: 0%.

Level 2 = Fan

The second level of the Milestone will happen after you’ve accumulated 5 points from playing. To reach the next Milestone, you have to earn 2,856 points.

  • Points: 5-3,749
  • Points Multiplier:1x
  • Rebate: 0%.

Level 3 = Expert 

Scoring 3,750 points will move up your Fan level to the Expert level. Achieving this level means you’re already a dedicated and expert spinner. Buckle up because loads of prizes, surprises, and goodies await you on this level. 

  • Points: 3,750- 29,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Rebate: 0%.


Level 4 = Master

Harness the Master level when you accumulate 30,000 points while playing. Prepare yourself for what’s to come because even bigger surprises await you on this level. Conquer the next milestone by scoring 84,413 to 242,683 points!

  • Points: 30,000- 249,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1.25x
  • Rebate: 0%.

Level 5 = Guru

Hands down to you if you managed to reach this Milestone! Achieving the Guru title means you already gained 250,000 points along with the chance to claim 5 milestones rewards. The milestones on this level can be achieved by scoring 348,276 to 734,065 points!

  • Points: 250,000- 749,999
  • Points Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Rebate: 5%


Level 6 = Legend

Feel the excitement course through your veins when you reach this level. If you are able to earn this title, it means you have earned a legendary score of 750,000 points! Nine milestones await you on this level. To activate these milestones, you need to achieve 1,083, 567 to 3,642,229 points!

Level 7 = VIP

The VIP level features prizes and freebies fit for royalty. Conquering this milestone means you already scored 3,750,000 points. Being a VIP means that you get access to perks only available in the Loyalty Club! 

Faithful and dedicated spinners like you will enjoy the loyalty rewards we have in We curated the best games from the best providers so we can offer you an exciting gameplay where you can potentially gain hefty payouts! Play continuously on our site and see for yourself the prizes you can take home when you become one of our loyal players!


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