Why OneTouch is One of the Best Game Provider

Why OneTouch is One of the Best Game Provider


There are a lot of game providers out there and they all have their own style of creating their games. Each of them is loved by players and enthusiasts because of these individual styles. One of them is OneTouch, a design studio that has been steadily making a name for itself since it was founded in 2015. 

OneTouch has been creating a great range of engaging games that will keep you coming back for more. They want to give games that are engaging and accessible. This made OneTouch a core player in the industry. They have an especially strong presence in the Asian and European markets.

They made sure that these games would not trade off its high-end features. OneTouch has perfected the mobile device format due to their experience in creating mobile games for the Asian Market. Their games offer the perfect balance between functionality and playability. This is because the designers at OneTouch want their games to be easily playable and accessible when you’re on your commute as if you’re in the comfort of your home.

OneTouch has been using a suite of robust and reliable JavaScript and HTML5 framework to deliver a sleek playtime across a range of mobile devices. This perfectly delivers the gameplay without experiencing slow-down issues that other games have. As gameplay and fairness are a top priority for OneTouch, they have put significant effort in developing the Random Number Generator (RNG). 

2018 proved to be a busy year for OneTouch by branching out into the slot machine game market with their first mobile slots game. The plan for 2019 is to build on this success. They plan to offer a range of high quality, mobile-friendly casino games.

OneTouch is dedicated to delivering premium mobile games by creating a perfect mobile interface. They reworked the mobile portrait mode of each game in order for them to achieve this and to give an intuitive mobile interface that gives effortless gameplay. 

Due to this dedication, Slots.io is proud of its partnership with firms like OneTouch. Slots.io only wants the best for each of its players. They have plenty of games that you can choose from including some from OneTouch like Baccarat Supreme and Golden Stripe. Each game varies in theme. This makes sure that no matter what kind of game you are looking for, they have it in their library. Have fun with all the games you can find in Slots.io that will surely quench your thirst to win.


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