Uncover the Secrets of the Wraith Manor As A Dark Matter Rises!

Uncover the Secrets of the Wraith Manor As A Dark Matter Rises!


As you play Microgaming’s A Dark Matter slot, you’ll be immersed in the intense narrative as you spin the reels and uncover dark secrets that should’ve been left in the dark. In the remote English town of Stonehurst, the Wraith Manor stands tall on the hilltop overlooking the quiet townsfolk, looming from above with a watchful eye. 

The dark skies have never once let up over the town as they loom over the background. However, the days blend more and more into the night as the shadows grow underneath the cold sunlight ever since the Lord of the Manor breathed his last breath. 

Mysterious disappearances have suddenly plagued the sombre locals of Stonehurst and it is up to Detective Nathan Highmore to fulfil his duty once more and solve yet another enigmatic case—his most ‘reel’ one yet. He knows there’s something the residents of Wraith Manor are hiding from the townsfolk and he will stop at nothing till he figures it out.

Will he find the answers he seeks hidden amidst the intrigue of the Wraith Manor… or will he himself become a victim of the powers that terrorize the town? As you spin the reels, both you and Detective Highmore will find your answers—and a potential cash reward of up to 2,400x your stake.

Piece By Piece, A Dark Matter Will Be Solved

A Dark Matter: Information From the Locals

The casino slot A Dark Matter was created by Slingshot Studios and powered by Microgaming’s Quickfire platform. It comes with an RTP of 96.18%, 5 reels, and 5 paylines that pay both ways.

A Dark Matter: Gathering Clues and Deciphering the Symbols

As Nathan Highmore investigates the case, neither he nor you can forget about the basics. By ‘basics’, that means the basic symbols. A Dark Matter’s basic symbols are the high cards in the deck, stylized in an old English, Victorian-era style with fanciful swirls and curls that add to their authenticity.

Living in the heights that cast a deep shadow over Stonehurst are the Wraith Manor’s mysterious inhabitants who act as the high-paying symbols for casino slot A Dark Matter. The first you’ll meet is the elderly groundskeeper who goes by the name Silas Brewer. He’s quiet, but he’ll introduce you to the new housemaid, Molly Perkins. She’s a feisty one and it’s clear she’s hiding a secret. Whether or not it involves the mysterious disappearances is still a mystery. 

Pester her enough and she’ll take you to meet Lady Eleanor Wraith, the widow of the late Lord Wraith. With a silver tongue, she’ll paint you a picture worth a thousand words—all of which are lies. Thankfully, Stonehurst’s trusted police Chief, Bertram Lynch, is at your side and will interrogate her until you get some truth to work with. 

The highest-paying symbols are the game’s logo and the ingenious Nathan Highmore who vows to solve this case even if it’s the last thing he does—literally. The casino slot A Dark Matter’s logo also serves as its Wild symbol, substituting all paying symbols except for the Scatter symbol.

A Dark Matter: All the Little Secrets

Microgaming’s casino slot A Dark Matter has a number of bonus features available for you to win. There’s a Free Spins mode, 2 to 3-tall stacked Wild symbols, and Invading Wild symbols that spread to form at least two Wild Reels. Wild Reels can substitute paying symbols and can increase or complete winning combinations just like a regular Wild symbol.

A Dark Matter: Painting a Mental Picture 

As you venture into the dark, fog-ridden forest on the outskirts of Stonehurst, keep an eye out for the shadows that lurk. Dark figures haunt these ominous woodlands—shadows that creep along the ground as if they were alive... yet never meant to live. The frame of the slot is built on aged Victorian steel with ornate finishings that were once a sign of wealth but are now antiquated relics of an echoing past. 

The residents of Wrath Manor all have their distinct looks with every wrinkle and detail done with such fine detail that they appear to have a life of their own. 

Everyone has their secrets. These people just choose not to hide the fact that they do.

The background orchestra that plays in the background for casino slot A Dark Matter is an eerie, ominous tune. It sings of the whispers of a tale left untold... and buried six feet under. The overall design choice of the slot is loaded with chills and thrills unbecoming of the natural world. It’s a perfect time to release such a solemn, suspenseful game as All Saints’ Eve fast approaches.

A Lord’s Untimely End But a Tale’s Ripe Beginning As a Dark Matter Unfolds

It’s not often that Microgaming dares to push their creative limits onto the darker side of the spectrum, but when they do, they create something truly magical. Their casino slot A Dark Matter will tell you a tale of a young detective tracking down the answers he seeks. 

What is it that’s causing the disappearances in the quaint town of Stonehurst? What are the Wraith Manor’s residents hiding? Why is it so easy to potentially win up to 2,400x your bet and how can you do it? All the answers you seek await you in the shadows as casino slot A Dark Matter comes into the pale limelight.

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