The Hidden World of Arcane: Reel Chaos

The Hidden World of Arcane: Reel Chaos


Roam the shady streets and discover the city’s magical secret—a wizarding war for a jackpot of 1,000 coins. Cast light into the city’ crevices now in Arcane: Reel Chaos.

Arcane: Reel Chaos Masters

Dare explore the dark streets of Arcane: Reel Chaos controlled by an evil wizard. Tired of his tyranny, Four and a half master magicians decided to band together and win their city once and for all. Casino slot Arcane Reel Chaos is set in their hideout, an abandoned church. 

Inside the church, you will meet symbols represented by the city’s loyal heroes. You will meet the psychic Psyop, time lady boss Chrono, conjoined twins Zero.x and red-head fire witch Flare. These heroes must come together to defeat the city’s mystic crime boss, Deep Pockets.

In the resistance’s hideout, you will hear sounds that reflect the city’s corruption such as gunshots, police sirens and ominous gusts of wind. This is combined with a mysterious musical score comprised of pianos and drums that will make you more interested in uncovering the city’s secrets. 

The Battle for Arcane: Reel Chaos

Arcane: Reel Chaos is a magic-themed slot with a 96.91 return to player percentage and a 1,000 coin jackpot. It has 20 winning lines spread across 5 reels. Similar to its dark city setting, the slot is also full of magic in the form of powerful bonuses provided by the heroes.

The first boon is granted by Psyop. Whenever the psychic is on the reels, you have a chance to randomly get stacked wild symbols. These symbols can cover an entire reel.

The twin’s Zero.x grants the Overlay Wild Feature. This power randomly creates 3 to 5 random wilds on the reels.

True to her name, Chrono has the power to control time and grant a re-spin. These re-spins are granted randomly during no-win spins. 

The resistance leader, Flare has the power to grant multipliers. Her fiery power can be triggered randomly whenever you hit a winning line. Her magic can boost your winnings by up to 5x. 

The Power of Arcane: Reel Chaos

With its rich magical world-building complete with engaging characters and fitting bonuses, you will certainly find yourself mesmerized by the magic of casino slot Arcane: Reel Chaos. Unlike other slots, the bonuses of Arcane: Reel Chaos are given randomly.

Take Deep Pockets down with the help of the most powerful witch. Travel to Prosperity Palace and recruit the Jade Magician.


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