Spin the Wheel of Fortune in Dr Fortuno’s Circus

Spin the Wheel of Fortune in Dr Fortuno’s Circus


Deep in the mysterious woods, there is a strange circus standing tall at its centre. Enter the red and white striped tent to meet all the fantastic beings and misfits. Watch the show unfold and marvel at how the ringmaster controls everything that goes on in the reels of casino slot Dr Fortuno.  

Step inside Yggdrasil’s casino slot and meet Dr Fortuno, the Circus of Fortune’s ringmaster. A haunting yet playful melody echoes in the background of each performance on the 5 reels. The ringmaster has many surprises in store for you in his Wheel of Fortune and Free Spins feature. 

A Peculiar Group of Circus Misfits

Before you go on down to try out his bonus games, you have to meet the carefree and entertaining circus crew. For the low paying symbols, there are peculiar potions lined up, each having its own payouts once you’ve collected a set. The main performersNight Twins, Water Witch, and Fire Headare here to show you grand payouts in casino slot Dr Fortuno. 

Watch their fantastic performances as they flip through each reel with ease and serve amazing payouts per combination win. Look for at least 3 symbols in the form of Dr Fortuno’s hat to trigger the hidden show—the Free Spins feature. 

During the Free Spins feature, there are various features you can witness on its reels. This can range from reels full of high paying symbols, multipliers, Wilds, additional Free Spins, or that all paylines are paid both ways. The circus performers also become Wilds during this feature. Gain these special features by landing Dr Fortuno’s hat anywhere on the reels.

Wait until the end of the show and you can get a chance at spinning Dr Fortuno’s special wheel, where the surprises can leave you astounded. When Dr Fortuno appears, he’ll nudge up or down to fit onto the reel and trigger the Wheel of Fortune. There are more prizes you can receive from his wheel including its progressive jackpot!

The Show of Fortune Must Go On

Experience real magic that Dr Fortuno has spun on the reels and witness the extraordinary shows that his circus crew can do to serve grand payouts. Watch this unique team of artists perform incredible stunts as if they were Super Heroes on the reels of casino slot Dr Fortuno. Dr Fortuno guarantees a marvellous time for you in his Wicked Circus with his Wheel of Fortune and makes sure you leave satisfied. There are many strange things you can witness in Dr Fortuno’s Circus of Fortune but it can leave you speechless with its outstanding performances and payouts. 


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