The Eye of Horus Protects the Royal Treasure

The Eye of Horus Protects the Royal Treasure


Prepare yourself for a mystical phenomenon when you traverse through the ancient pyramids in Egypt. Decipher the hieroglyphs inscribed on the stone walls to uncover the secrets a god hid in casino slot Eye of Horus. 

Ward off evil spirits by using Blueprint’s Eye of Horus to protect you and make your way through the pyramid’s maze safely. Avoid traps hidden on 5 reels and uncover ancient artefacts in 10 paylines. Stumble upon the pharaoh’s chamber with an RTP of 96.31%, and raid it to find treasures worth a jackpot of €20,000!

Take it upon yourself to prove that you are worthy of a god’s blessing by gathering symbols for an offering! Decode the hieroglyphics shown as card signs, ancient artefacts, and various animals to lead you to fortune. 

Tomb raiders or thieves had to go through features to attain their loot in the pharaoh’s chamber. There are Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins that await you before you reach your destination. 

In your search for gold and glory, you have a chance to come across the Temple of Horus as a Scatter symbol. Gather all your strength to help you bravely explore this new area. Keep an eye out for the sky god because he can reward you with more combination wins as the game’s Wild symbol. 

Venture through casino slot Eye of Horus carefully and there’s a possibility that you will be blessed with the Free Spins feature. Follow where the Eye of Horus symbols lead you for a chance at obtaining vast fortune.  

Witness Horus’ power as he grants you immense wealth in the Free Spins feature. All high paying symbols rise from the dead and raise its payouts! Each high paying symbol is upgraded to the next high-ranked symbol’s payouts. This blessing allows you to score higher payouts than you would in the base game. 

A Divine Intervention to Attain Treasure

Wish upon a Blazing Star and hope that Horus hears you, so you can access his Temple of Treasures Megaways in! Once you enter, it’ll be hard to get out because you’ll be captivated by the vast treasures owned by a god and a pharaoh. 

Gain the divine blessing from the Eye of Horus and you’ll be bestowed celestial rewards in the rich pyramids of Egypt!


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