Discover 5 Incredible Jackpots With the Jackpot Raiders

Discover 5 Incredible Jackpots With the Jackpot Raiders


Unsunken City, the land of riches galore. The Jackpot Raiders are ready to go on an action-filled adventure to find the legendary Unsunken City and its 5 progressive jackpots. Uncover the lost pieces of 5 treasure maps by spinning the reels and discover fantastic bonuses! Click and interact with a couple of treasure chests in the bonus round for a chance at the grand rewards.

Yggdrasil takes you around the world to discover rich treasures in various temples or tombs. Before you start your adventure, you’ll get to meet two Jackpot Raiders—Sir Bear Buckingham and Sam Campbell. 

Follow the 3x5-reel map to find clues on where the Unsunken City could be. Spin the reels and you can receive payouts from coloured playing card suits, a backpack, some equipment, and the two main characters, Sir Bear Buckingham and Sam Campbell on its 20 fixed paylines!

Use this chance to explore five locations on the map to search for the lost city—the Summit Shine, Highland Gate, Jungle Ruins, Desert Tomb, and Templar Grave. Each place has its own progressive jackpot such as Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient, and Legendary respectively. 

There are bonus features you can win from in casino slot Jackpot Raiders such as Scatters, Multipliers, regular Free Spins feature, Treasure Hunt Bonus, and a special Free Spins in the Unsunken City. 

In every Free Spins feature, there are a set of maps wrapped in different coloured strings that you can collect along with a Jackpot gem. Each Jackpot gem is related to the colour of the 5 progressive jackpots. The maps grant an extra 10 Free Spins with cash prizes and you have to collect 5 identical Jackpot gems in order to win one of the jackpots! Triple all your winnings by reaching the Jackpot Free Spins feature.

Get the chance to play as one of them for the bonus feature because there are three routes where you can collect one of the 3 treasure chests. Both have their own risks when you play the bonus game. When you play as Sir Bear Buckingham, you’ll earn lower rewards but you have a higher success rate of gaining combination wins. For Sam Campbell, she’ll grant higher rewards but has a lower success rate. Choose whoever suits you best in casino slot Jackpot Raiders.

You’ll get to watch the characters in a 3D animated sequence where they go down the route that you chose for the treasure and see if they succeed or fail. The safe route guarantees a successful run towards the treasure while the other risky routes have high rewards but are harder to get. The treasures contains instant prizes, a piece of the map for Free Spins, or a relic for the Sunken City Free Spins. 

Experience a wild adventure on the reels of casino slot Jackpot Raiders and travel to different places that are similar to the Easter Island. Unveil the treasures of these locations and dare yourself to take the risk of crossing the Troll's Bridge for grand payouts. Embark on this journey with the Jackpot Raiders and unearth grand progressive jackpots that await you!

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