Playing slots on the go

Playing slots on the go


Slots are among the most popular casino games around at the moment. As more people begin to see the appeal of playing video slot games, more slot games are created. This makes a much wider choice for players and it ensures that people are less likely to get bored. Of course, with how hectic life can get in our modern world, players may be pushed for time when they get home from work and are unable to play as much as they like.

So how have casinos made it easier for players to play video slots when they are on the move? There are two main ways that we have begun to make it easier for players. The first is by offering our services on mobile apps. This is something that we are currently working on to aid our players and hope to be releasing in the near future. The second way is by making sure that our website is fully mobile compatible and scales correctly to mobile screens – if you are on your mobile right now, you can see a selection of over 200 games we’ve optimized especially for mobile.

The reason that mobile friendly casino games have become almost an industry standard is that people spend more time gaming on their mobile devices than ever before. Mobile gaming is the fastest growing niche within the gaming industry. It would have been foolhardy for us not to notice this trend and make sure that our website was able to cater for mobile players.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are developed in order to offer a streamlined experience when it comes to the online casino. They more often than not will have a slightly reduced number of games on offer. This is due to the difficulty with translating some games from a browser environment to an app environment. In terms of video slots this is not usually a big issue.

Most casinos do not have apps available yet as they are relatively new in the world of online gaming. Here at Bitcasino of course, we like to be ahead of the pack - we are already working on a mobile app. Once this is in place we will be able to offer all of our slot games - as well as our other casino games - to players on the move in a fast loading and user friendly environment. This will make it much easier for players to be able to load up a quick game on the train before work, or maybe even in the bath when relaxing at night.

Mobile browsers

Mobile browsers are currently the most popular way to play video slots on the go. We use a variety of technical tricks to make sure that our site and games are not just scaled well, but optimised to work smoothly as well. The majority of players who play video slots on the move use a mobile browser in order to play them.

This requires an up to date browser in order to do so. As long as the browser is able to use HTML5 then there will be very few games that refuse to play on mobile. Due to the realisation in most industries that people are moving more towards using mobile devices for their gaming, as well as the just generally superior performance that HTML5 offers, we aim to host as many games that are made in HTML5 as possible. This helps to make it a much smoother experience for players.

This ensures that when websites are opened up on mobile browsers they are scaled to fit the screen perfectly, with all images in the correct places in order to play properly and so that everything is easy to see. It also makes sure that they can load up properly on devices that tend to have less processing power than a full size computer.

The use of HTML5 has lead to us here at Bitcasino being able to offer our games at the same quality as our desktop site on mobile sites. It means that players can have the same video slot experience whether they are at home or on the bus.

Best video slots to play on the go

There are a fantastic range of different video slots available to play that work superbly on mobile.

Fruit Zen is a colourful and fun game that will take you on a voyage to choose the best fruits to give you huge wins. It has incredible graphics and the prizes that are on offer are fantastic. It has classic slot gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours.

Dark Vortex provides one the best payouts this side of progressive jackpots. It has awe inspiring visuals and an insane number of paylines. The ability to pay outright in order to trigger the free spins means that it offers instant fun every time you play.

Where to play video slots on the go

The best place online to play video slots, whether you are on the move or sitting at home, is always right here at Bitcasino. With a wide range of different video slots it does not matter whether you prefer more traditional video slot games or want a more modern video slot with huge numbers of paylines, we have something that will satisfy you. Our mobile site is one of the fastest on the market and you will hardly notice the difference between the desktop and mobile sites when you load up one of our high quality games.

We also offer a large number of other casino games on our site. So if you feel like you fancy a change from video slots and would like to play a table game or poker for a change, then we have those games available for you. Our wide range of choice is one of the best out there, we have a game for every possible mood.

No matter what casino game you would like to play, Bitcasino has got something that will tickle your fancy. Next time you want to indulge in some mobile gaming make sure that we are your first port of call. Sign up today to take advantage of our generous new player bonuses.

Words: Sean Mcnulty

Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino

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