Ascend to the Top in Rome: Rise of an Empire

Ascend to the Top in Rome: Rise of an Empire


When in Rome, do as the Romans do… by putting your skills to the test in the Colosseum. Spin your way to victory by battling with gladiators and exotic animals. Conquer every round for the grand prize—a jackpot worth over 500x your wager and the empress’ favour! 

Blueprint Gaming challenges you to the battles held in Rome: Rise of an Empire. Place your wager first to strategically claim payouts from its 5 reels and 20 paylines. The Colosseum is famous for the impressive battles it hosts with an RTP ranging from 94.51 - 96.64%.

Step into the arena where you’ll encounter various symbols on the reels that will help you in succeeding glorious payouts in casino slot Rome: Rise of an Empire.

Start off easy in the first round by taking on basic symbols shown through card suits—clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. Other symbols like a helmet and shield will be useful to overcome your fights. In the last round, defeat the iron-clad warrior to win the highest payout symbols from the empress. 

Climb the ranks by swiftly defeating your enemies through each spin and reach for Wilds and Bonus features. By playing the base game of casino slot Rome: Rise of an Empire, you  can experience a variety of features—Big Money Bonus, Empress’ Treasure, Volcanic Cash, Uprising, and Urn Riches.

There’s a chance to encounter a special tiger when you play the base game in Rome: Rise of an Empire. Conquer the battle against the tiger and win one of its modifiers that can grant you more chances of winning payouts! Try to claim one of the modifiers when the tiger is defeated:

  • Sword Strike
  • Legions Glory
  • Spears of Destiny
  • Symbolus Maximums
  • Bonus Boost.

Be ready for an intense chain of battles when you start playing casino slot Rome Rise of an Empire. Fight your way with your sword and shield in order to claim your place at the top with its grand prize for the champion—500x your wager!

After your success in the Coliseum, you can go out and use your fighting skills to your advantage to taste Sweet Success when you reap in the Fortunes of Sparta.


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