The Seasons Greet You With Bountiful Rewards!

The Seasons Greet You With Bountiful Rewards!


Stay the whole year-round with Yggdrasil and watch as the scenery blooms, falls and snows with bountiful prizes up to €140,000 in casino slot Seasons. With stunning graphics and an ever-changing landscape, you’ll experience the 4 seasons like never before in this 5-reel and 20-payline game format. Taste the flavours of nature at an RTP of 96.1% and get to play with the hare, owl, deer or fox that’ll shower your reels with 4 Seasonal Wilds!

Witness the seasons change right before your very eyes in casino slot Seasons. Yggdrasil delivers a masterpiece that’s a true feast for the eyes with its stunning animations and immersive visuals. Packed with free spins, multipliers and Wild symbols, this seasonal-themed slot will take your breath away in each spin of the reels.

The gameplay features 5x3 set-up with 20 paylines. After every 10 spins in one season, the reels will smoothly shift into the next season after another bet is placed. 

The wild animals of the forest have their own preference when it comes to nature’s seasons. Get the chance to meet these playful and helpful mascots in the form of Wild Animal symbols. 

No matter your mood, you’ll be able to find a season that’ll fit you the most! You’ll never know, you might get the chance to win the jackpot prize worth €140,000 if the weather’s just right.   

No Other Reason Than the Seasons

From one colour palette to another, casino slot Seasons paint nature’s landscape in the season’s vibrant colours. From frolicking in the Sunny Shores of summer to feasting on Winterberries growing during the winter season, you’ll be able to experience every season to the fullest.

The Free Spins symbol, decorated in nature’s elaborate golden leaves, will reward you with free spins and Wilds. The Wild symbols appear as the seasons’ adorable critters that provide varying bonus features for you to enjoy. 

The Winter season invites the Hare Wild symbol onto your reels. During chilly weather, it’s always best spent with someone to cuddle with and the Hare understands this best! He duplicates across the reels, transforming other paying symbols into Wilds.

The Spring season awakens the hibernating Owl Wild symbol. This generous critter will fly over your reels after substituting and rewards a respin with the same Wild symbol.

The Spring season features galloping and free Deer Wild symbols. Symbols blossom into Flower Wilds whenever the Deer Wild symbol touches them with his antlers, paws and tail. He can expand in a cross pattern, creating a maximum of 4 more Wild symbols! Summer is truly a bounteous season, perfect for frolicking through a field of Wild flower symbols.

The Autumn season welcomes the quiet Fox Wild into your reels. The observant animal is there to grant you random multipliers from 2x to 5x! This feature will rain down opportunities for you to win big prizes, just like the leaves falling from their branches!

Whether spring, summer, winter or fall, casino slot Seasons has it all in the form of Wild features! Once you get a taste of seasonal prizes and the features they have in store, you’ll certainly be coming back for more. Make the most out of your year and get the chance to win the jackpot prize worth €140,000 when you spin the reel in casino slot Seasons!


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