ABC of Slots: What are RTPs?

ABC of Slots: What are RTPs?


Each slot has its own RTP that is determined by the gaming provider that designed the game. Contrary to myths, it’s not determined by the casino where it can be played. So what is this percentage that you can see in all slot games? RTP is the percentage value that depicts how much money will return to you on average over a large number of spins. 

A high RTP in slots translates to higher chances that the game will return the money you gambled over a long period of time. On the other hand, if the slot’s RTP is low then the payback you’ll eventually get is considerably smaller compared to the amount you spent.

A slot’s RTP is usually displayed on the info tab of the game, and here’s the formula on how the percentage is computed:

RTP = total amount returned to gamers (total winning amount) / total amount players bet (amount wagered)

The total winning amount is the net amount of wins you get in a round of play. The amount wagered is the total of the first bets you wager each round over the time period that is generally one calendar month.

RTP vs. House Edge

If the RTP in slots determines your theoretical earnings, there is also a percentage that goes to the casino. This is called the House Edge. If the slot’s RTP is the amount you get in return from all your bets over a specified amount of time, House Edge is the amount that is not returned to you. This goes to the casino instead.

Dispelling Myths on RTPs

There are a lot of myths surrounding RTP in slots. Firstly, it cannot predict the outcome of the payout frequency. Because of the Random Name Generator or RNG, every outcome in slots is generated at random. RNG generates the result of the spin and it cannot be predicted. It does not have any determined number of winning combinations that will land at a specific time.

RTP cannot predict how often and how big you will win in slot games, but you can tell how volatile a slot is by looking at the information provided by the gaming software. Low volatility slots give frequent but small wins, while high volatility does not reward all the time, but when they do, expect to win big. 

Gaming provider NetEnt offers a wide range of high volatility slots such as Dead or Alive as well as low volatility slots like their popular Starburst.

A common misconception from most people is that RTPs translate to assured payouts. However, no matter how high the slot’s RTP is, it cannot guarantee you winning chances. That’s why you should consider other factors when choosing which slot to play, not just the RTP in slots. You can check if the slot has entertaining bonus features or if the theme and graphics suit your taste. Before anything else, ensure that you can wager at least the minimum bet amount and that you have enough money in your account.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Slot has the Highest RTP of Them All?

Knowing a slot’s RTP is advantageous since it determines how big of a percentage you will eventually get after spinning for a long period of time. Some slots with the highest RTP include Microgaming’s Bonanza with an RTP of 97.8%, Immortal Romance with 98.1% RTP, and NetEnt’s Mega Joker with an RTP of 99.1%.

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