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Blackjack 101: Basic hand signals you need to master

Blackjack 101: Basic hand signals you need to master

Blackjack 101: Basic hand signals you need to master


Take your blackjack skills up a notch by mastering the basic hand signals in the game and become a seasoned player! You’ll never know what to expect at the blackjack table so it’s important to know these hand signals to properly communicate your actions. Become a pro at blackjack when you read about these must-learn hand signals here at!

Blackjack hand signals: Facedown v. face-up games

Learning blackjack hand signals isn’t complicated since each of the gestures is straightforward. However, there are still various differences between the signals you need to know in the face-up and face down blackjack games. 

Blackjack can be played with either face-up or face down cards. During face-up blackjack games, all the players’ cards are exposed while face down games only reveal the cards before the round ends.

Here are the various blackjack hand signals you need to learn:


Hit is a standard blackjack hand signal where you’re asking the dealer for another card. To do this during a face-up game, all you have to do is tap the table with your finger and the dealer will put down a card on your pile. 

On the other hand in a facedown game, you have to scrape your cards gently on the table and gesture to yourself for the dealer to hit you with a new card. 


If you don’t want the dealer to add another card to your pile, then you have to stand. All you have to do is wave your hand over your cards during the round in a face-up game. 

Meanwhile in facedown games, slide your cards face down underneath your chips. It’s important to note that you can’t move the chips while taking a stand during facedown Blackjack games. 

Double down

A double down means you’re doubling the initial bet you wagered and requesting another card from the dealer. To do this hand sign during face-up games, place the chips outside the betting box beside your initial bet. Then, point towards the chips with your index finger to indicate doubling down to the dealer. 

For a facedown game, the blackjack hand signal remains the same. However, you’ll have to turn your cards face-up before placing a second bet. 

Split a pair

When you’re dealt with two cards with similar values, you have the option to split them into two separate wagers. You can also split two different cards depending on what the dealer has in their hands.

To split a pair, you have to put down a wager equal to your initial bet right outside the betting box. Make sure that your additional wager is right next to the ante before placing your index and middle fingers into a V-shape on the table. 

Once you do this blackjack hand signal, the dealer will split both your cards into two separate wagers before putting down two more cards to complete each hand. The signal is the same for both face-up and facedown games except that you have to turn your cards face-up before you put down the additional wager during the latter.


You can surrender your hand after an initial deal if you think that you have low chances of winning with the cards you were dealt with. When you surrender in blackjack, you can keep half your wager rather than lose it all when you push through the game. 

Normally, you have to verbally announce a surrender to the dealer whether you’re playing a facedown or face-up Blackjack game because there are no standard hand gestures for this action.

However, you can also draw a straight line on the table using your index finger to indicate your surrender to the dealer in both games. 

Why you need to know the Blackjack hand signals

Blackjack hand signals are vital to the game because it benefits both players and the casino. These gestures help convey your actions to the dealer so there are no misunderstandings. 

Maintains honesty and fairness of the game

Most brick and mortar casinos have CCTV cameras all over the venue to monitor the games. These cameras can’t pick up sound, that's why it’s important for you to master hand signals so your actions are properly recorded. 

For instance, if you want to contest that the dealer made a mistake, it’s easy for the casino to review the footage and support your claim because of the blackjack hand signals you made. 

Protects the interest of casinos and players alike

Blackjack hand signals can help casinos protect themselves from players who want to gain an unfair advantage over the game. Catching the hand signals on camera can help prove whether someone was in the wrong during these situations. It also helps you keep an eye on the other players. 

Moreover, It’s also a lot easier for the dealers to follow hand signals than verbal instructions because their focus is on the cards being dealt.

Allows beginners to seek help from seasoned professionals

If you’re a beginner, you can easily master these blackjack hand signals while playing the game. All you have to do is verbally request your actions to the dealer while doing the hand signals. This way the dealer can also help guide you through the game especially when you get your hand signals mixed up. 

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