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Crazy Time Slot - Strategies for winners

Crazy Time Slot - Strategies for winners

Crazy Time Slot - Strategies for winners


Crazy Time is the new live game from Evolution Gaming. The classic game show theme is adapted to the modern iGaming landscape. Evolution Gaming is market leader for live casinos.

With Crazy Time the game developer has once again proven its greatness. The simple concept combined with surprising bonus rounds and very lucrative winning options is ideal for beginners as well as for experienced players. With different strategies you can get the best out of Crazy Time. The Martingale strategy can be used here just as well as the strategy based on the laws of probability. With a little practice, you can quickly achieve success and add fantastic prizes to your account.

Martingal strategy

The Martingale strategy has been used for several centuries in classic roulette and can be easily transferred to the Crazy Time slot. To play with this strategy, you need a certain budget to cover potential losses.

The strategy that works for Crazy Time is that you bet on all four bonus fields with your initial bet. If your initial bet is €1, you have bet a total of €4 on the first round. If your fields are not hit, you double your bet in the next round. Now you have a total of €8 in the game. If you do get a hit, you play the bonus round and take your winnings. Afterwards you start again with your initial bet. If the bonus fields have not yet been hit, you will continue to double your bet for each round. Statistically, a bonus field appears in Crazy Time about every 6 rounds. From this you can roughly calculate how much budget you need.

Probabilistic strategy

This strategy is well suited for players who want to test themselves against the machines. With probability calculations you can see a certain tendency based on the results of the last 60 rounds. To do this, simply open the game history in the tab. Certain fields are hit more often than others. This strategy requires patience on the Crazy Time wheel. If your calculations have revealed fields that need less than six rounds to be hit again, it is worth betting on these fields. For example, if you find that the bonus fields take far more than six rounds to get hit, you have to be patient. In this case, it is only worthwhile to start betting on the bonus fields after a few rounds.

Low-volatility strategy

In this strategy you spread your bets over as many areas of the Crazy Time wheel as possible. For example, if you have a budget of €100, it makes sense to bet €10 per round. You can bet these on five of the eight possible options. For example, you bet €2.50 on the number "2", which is represented 13 times on the wheel with a doubling if you win. Another €2.50 goes to the number "5", which is represented five times on the wheel with a five-fold increase if you win and seven fields. The last €5 are placed on three of the four bonus fields. So you have covered a good 50% of the playing fields. Your chance of winning one of these fields is quite high.

How to play Crazy Time

This brand new game is all about the colourful wheel of fortune. The live dealers appear according to the game title in an extravagant presentation and operate the wheel. There are a total of 53 playing fields on the wheel of fortune. The fields show the numbers one, two, five and ten. The special characters Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, Coin Flip and Pashinko are also displayed. Behind the special characters are the bonus rounds of the game.

You must place your bet before the first round. With just a few Euros you can join the Crazy Time live game and test your first strategies. The stakes can range from €1 to €2,000 per round, depending on your budget. Once you have decided on the amount you want to bet, you can either bet on the numbers just mentioned or on the special fields.  

As with other live games of Evolution Gaming, you can place different bets at the same time in Crazy Time. Especially for beginners it is worthwhile to start with low stakes in order not to strain your budget too quickly. The strategies already explained can help you to make a profit at Crazy Time without having to take too much risk. During the game, you can adjust the amount of your bets according to the course of the game. So it is no problem to increase or decrease your bets when the game is going well.

The wheel of fortune

Numbers and special characters, which are relatively often represented on the wheel of fortune, have a lower bonus value than the characters with less presence, resulting in the following values:

  • The number "1" is represented 20 times and has the bonus value 1.

  • The number "2" is represented 13 times on the wheel. The bonus value is 2.

  • The number "5" is represented seven times and grants a five-fold bonus.

  • For the number "10" there are only 4 fields. Its bonus value is 10.

  • The special character "Coin Flip" is also present four times and triggers the Coin Flip Bonus.

  • With the double "Cash Hunt" field you can win the corresponding Cash Hunt Bonus.

  • The "Pachinko" field also appears twice on the wheel. This is where you trigger the Pachinko Bonus.

  • The Crazy Time field appears only once. This field can give you a bonus worth 160,000 times your wager!

The bonus fields

The bonus fields are a lucrative change to the number fields. Four different extraordinary bonus features are hidden behind the bonus fields. Thrills and an extra portion of excitement are guaranteed.

Coin Flip Bonus

As the name suggests, a coin decides your luck. The coin you throw can either remain on the blue or the red side. Each of the two sides has its own multiplier value, which can indicate a value of up to 5,000. If the additional coin lying under the playing field is triggered, you can look forward to further winnings in the next bonus round.

Cash Hunt Bonus

If you bet on this special field and the wheel stops here, a lucrative bonus round is triggered. Behind the wheel of fortune a winning wall with 108 different fields appears. Behind each field there is a win. The biggest win in this bonus round is a 2,500x multiplier. The player himself shoots at the 108 fields with a riflescope and determines his own luck. Your winnings are immediately credited to your customer account.

Pachinko Bonus

The Pachinko Bonus adds a classic game show element to Crazy Time. It is played on a huge pinball wall at the bottom of which different multipliers are displayed that must be hit. With the help of clicks, you help the ball over the pinball wall to reach the correct field with the desired multiplier. With a little patience and skill, you can win great prizes here. With the "Double" function, your winnings are even duplicated.

Crazy Time Bonus    

The bonus round is the chance that everyone wants to get. Here a 160,000x multiplier is waiting for you. If you make it this far, you'll be shown a three flap wheel. Before the bonus round starts, you have to choose one of the flaps. The flaps differ in colour and each hides a different prize. With a bit of luck, you can even make it to the jackpot.

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