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How to Use the Green Zero in Roulette
How to Use the Green Zero in Roulette

How to Use the Green Zero in Roulette


Roulette remains to be one of the most well-known classic games in the history of casinos. Through the years, roulette travelled to different parts of the world. Several types such as American and European emerged. 

These two are the only types of roulette wheels. The difference between them largely relies on their usage of the green zero. Learn how to use the green zero in roulette through this guide.

Green Zero in Roulette: What is it?

You can easily distinguish the green zero in roulette because it is the only number with a different colour. The rest of the numbers have red and black backdrops. The green zero adds more excitement in roulette because it is subject to riskier gameplay. Furthermore, it also increases house edges.

Green Zero in Roulette: American vs. European

If you want to know details about how to use the green zero in roulette, it is important that you know its two types: single (0) and double (00).

European wheels use the single green zero while American wheels use both the single and double green zeroes. This is why the European wheels only have 37 numbers. American wheels feature two green zero in roulette so they have a total of 38 numbers.

Green Zero in Roulette: Know the Rules

European roulette has a house edge of 2.63% as opposed to American roulette’s 5.26%. This is the reason why most players prefer European roulette because it gives them better odds to win. However, knowing how to use the green zero in American roulette can also be advantageous.

In American roulette, you have more ways to place a wager because it contains two green zeroes. It lets you bet on the single or double green zero alone, or on both of them. You have the odds of 37:1 if you choose to bet on one of the zeroes.

When it comes to the green zero advantages in European roulette, there are two rules that you can apply: La Partage and En Prison. La Partage returns half your stake if you hit the green zero in a roulette wheel. En Prison holds your bet while the wheel respins for a chance to receive your wager back if you hit the correct number.

The Importance of Green Zero in Roulette 

This guide on how to use the green zero in roulette gives you a glimpse of this number’s importance in winning the classic game. You can play American and European roulette to see which of the two gives you better chances to win. After all, roulette is a game of chance based on randomness.

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