Tips on Playing Slot Games: May the Odds Be in Your Favour

Tips on Playing Slot Games: May the Odds Be in Your Favour


One of the biggest takeaways in the birth of online casinos is the creation of video slots. Loyal players can select from thousands of these games, each with their own unique themes and features that you never could have experienced in mechanical slots. Like most things, these slot games are governed by luck. But what if you can nudge fortune a little and turn its tides to your favour? 

Not all slot games are created under the same mould. Similar to the wide selection of themes, slot games also have different features that can affect your winning chances such as bonuses, volatility and RTP. 

Tips on Playing Slot Games: The Most Important Letters of the Alphabet

There are three important letters that you should always think about before trying on a new slot game. These letters pertain to the slot’s return to player percentage or RTP. You can usually find this in the information section of the game. This allows you to know how often you can win in a slot game.

Providers calculate this by running simulator programs that calculate your likelihood to receive payouts in a video slot. If a game has at least 94% or higher RTP means that you win big prizes if you play long enough. 

Tips on Playing Slot Games: A Winning Conundrum

Now that you’ve checked your slot game’s RTP, it is time to check its volatility. Volatility allows you to know how you will approach a game to maximize your wins.

There are two types of volatility: high and low. A slot game with high volatility will let you win massive payouts with lesser winning chances. On the other hand, a video slot with low volatility rewards you with smaller wins more frequently.

Tips on Playing Slot Games: So Many Boons

Since you’ve already learned your slot’s RTP and Volatility in the information section, it’s time to scroll a little to know about the game’s bonus features. These features are usually triggered by landing wilds, scatters along with bonus symbols and can range from free spins, multipliers and coin win mini-games. 

Some bonuses can also be triggered by landing consecutive winning sets. There are slot games that will grant you multipliers by forming a sequence of sets while others let you receive payouts from left to right and right to left. 

Tips on Playing Slot Games: Spin Wisely

Slot games are extremely enjoyable wonders of modern technology.  It is safe to say that you will be able to enjoy it more if you can win massive payouts with these tricks! 

Remember: always check the RTP, volatility and features of your next game. Be the wiser and you will be definitely able to take spins more confidently in games such as Vikings and Myth.

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