All About RNG Technology in Slot Games

All About RNG Technology in Slot Games


Slot games are the reason why most people register in online casinos. They provide joyful entertainment without having complicated mechanics. All you have to do is click ‘spin’ and the results immediately show up. You either win or lose. There’s no in-between.

Some players constantly worry about the ‘fairness’ of these results. They want assurance that each spin does not have foul play behind it because they spend a good amount of money on slot games. To give them the best assurance they can ever have, online casinos ensure that their games pass the Random Number Generator (RNG) test. This RNG technology in slots is their best way to show that they are provably fair.

What is RNG and How Does it Work?

RNG is a popular tool mainly used by slot games to provide random numbers on each spin. It ensures that every spin gives you equal chances to get wins or hit the massive jackpot.

To get more technical, RNG technology in slots works with numbers 1 up to several billion. Every time you click ‘spin’, it automatically records the next string of numbers to be shown on your next spin. The tool works with mathematical equations and algorithms that cannot be touched by human hands. Players are ensured fair spin results with this kind of system.

The Two Types of RNG

Slots use two main types of RNG technology: Hardware and Pseudo. Hardware is mainly used in land-based casinos while the latter is for online slots.

Hardware RNGs are external devices used to generate random numbers by starting with complex values. These complex values are abstract quantities used to calculate unpredictable results. Because Hardware RNGs are mainly used in land-based casinos, they are often attached to the casinos’ server USB port.

On the other hand, Pseudo RNG is an algorithm that automatically creates lengthy sequences of random numbers. It uses large quantities of numbers using the decimal system. When you take huge samples from this system, you can observe equal frequency on each set of decimal groups. This is how you know that the generator is fair.

RNG and RTP’s Significant Relationship

Return to Player or RTP is your key to know the percentage of a slot game’s payback after a specific number of spins. The RTP of slots has a highly significant relationship with RNG technology. The RNG uses high technology to create random strings of numbers and achieve RTP consistency in slots.

The math behind this system is dividing the total payout value of the game by the total increase of its turnover. The higher the RTP is, the better your chances of getting paid. The average rate of RTPs in slot games is 96%.

Game providers know that RTP is important to players that’s why some of them display each of their slots’ percentages. This effectively gains the trust of most players.

Significance of the RNG in Slot Games

RNG technology in slots is as important as the game itself. Without it, casinos are not allowed to operate. As previously mentioned, they have to pass a certain RNG test before they are given licenses. That’s the reason why in most games, when you read their ‘About’ section, they declare that they have RNG certificates to prove their integrity as provably fair slots.

In slots, RNG technology is their way to show results based on chance or randomness. Rest assured that you can play your favourite slots without any worries because game developers guarantee that they use the RNG technology to craft excitingly fair games.

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