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Poker Strategies: It’s A Lot More Than Your Poker Face
Poker Strategies: It’s A Lot More Than Your Poker Face

Poker Strategies: It’s A Lot More Than Your Poker Face


Ever looked at your reflection and practised a poker face? If it made you cringe, you’re probably not doing it right. There’s no real guide in getting that perfect poker face but there are other ways that can intimidate your opponent in a game of poker. 

Poker Strategy Basics

Poker can be enjoyed physically or virtually in every country. A game of poker needs a standard deck of cards and at least 2 players. Individual cards are sorted from best to worst. The rank of a card often splits the tie if two players achieve the same hand. 

Poker Strategy For Beginners

Understanding the Math

Poker is a mathematical game where you compute for incomplete data. If you wager with the best hand more regularly than the other players do, you will win more times than them.

Keeping in Mind Starting Hands

Get to know starting hand selections. Master an understanding of the starting hand guidelines and how they change depending on your position at the table. 

Avoiding Tilt

Tilt is a poker term for the frustration that makes players play over-aggressively. Your opponents may use your emotions against you. It can happen to anyone and the best poker strategy is taking a break from the game to calm your nerves.

Advanced Strategy in Poker

Know the Importance of Position

The dealer position may serve as a tactical edge because of how advantageous it is to play hands in a late position. A dealer position allows for greater adaptability and more options as the hand plays out. 

Understand Bluffs

It becomes crucial to bluff when you want to fold before the flop. A successful bluff will influence other players that you hold cards that will beat them. 

Recognize Your Odds and Outs

A high-level strategy in poker is determining the odds you need to win provided the number of poker outs you possess. Here’s how you can calculate your odds:

Deduct the cards left in the deck by the cards in your hand then divide by the total number of poker outs. This will give you the poker odds to hit your hand with 1 card to come.

Practice Your Poker Strategy

Studying every strategy in poker is beneficial but a game hones your skills. If you think you’re all set, massive payouts await you in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Casino Stud Poker!

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