Improve Your Gameplay in Blackjack with These 4 Tips!

Improve Your Gameplay in Blackjack with These 4 Tips!


Blackjack is a table game with a fast and simple gameplay. That’s why many a lot of players keep coming back to Blackjack. However, while it features simple game rules, there are techniques you can use to improve your gaming and ensure your wins!

Blackjack has been around since 1760 when it was originally known as Vingt-et-Un or 21. Unlike common knowledge, blackjack is a game of skill and not chance. In this table game, you have the power to control the odds that the dealer has over you. You can use this feature as a way to maximize your wagers and lessen your losses.

Blackjack is played using the 52 standard deck of cards. Each number in the card corresponds to a point value that it represents. The exception to this are the high-ranked cards King, Queen, and Jack that has a value of 10. On the other hand, the Ace can either have a value of 1 or 10, depending on you and the other base card you have.

The objective is for you to reach a total of 21 from the two base cards you receive once  the game starts. You also need to make sure that you do not exceed 21 and that you have a higher hand compared to the dealer to win.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to have more chances to win in blackjack: 

1. Practice Hi-Lo Card Counting

Card counting is one of the most popular techniques used by blackjack experts. In this strategy, you track the cards that remain in the deck as the game continues. See each step below to know how to use Hi-Lo:

  • Know the cards’ values that you can use to easily keep track of them
  • Continuously keep a ‘Running Count’ of the numbers as the cards are dealt
  • If there are several decks used in the game, use the ‘True Count’ system. This is when you divide the current running count you have with the number of decks
  • Change your bet according to the ‘True/Running Count’.

The card values you can use to know the Running and True Count are the following:





























Once you follow the steps and know what the cards’ values are, it’s easy to use the Hi-Lo card counting. Just remember that if you have a positive Running/True Count (i.e +1 and more), then you have more chances to win the game.

However, when the current running or true count is negative (i.e -1 and more), then the dealer has the advantage.

2. Know When to Surrender

The odds to win or lose in blackjack are not set in stone. That’s why there are instances where you need to surrender. There are two kinds of surrender that you can do to avoid losing more wagers if you think you think the dealer has more leverage: 

  • Late Surrender - You can surrender your hand to lose half of the wager you placed after the dealer checks for blackjack. 
  • Early Surrender - You forfeit your cards and half of your wager before the dealers checks for blackjack.

3. Ask Yourself If You Should Hit or Stand

You can maximise your chances of winning in blackjack once you harnessed the art of hit or stand. Stand means you will decline the dealer if he offers you more cards. Doing this means that you are sure that your current total card values will win.

If you decide to ‘Hit’, it means that you will take another card from the dealer to get closer or achieve 21. However, you need to be careful getting more cards because you might exceed 21.

4. Learn the Rules and Keep Practicing

Make the most out of bank roll when you practice and develop a strong grasp on the basic rules of blackjack. Since it's a fast-paced game and can be played on online sites, you can try your hand at different variants to develop skills that can ensure your wins!

Knowing the basic rules and strategies will also give you more confidence about your gameplay when you face seasoned players! 


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