Tip the Scales: Pros and Cons of Volatility in Games

Tip the Scales: Pros and Cons of Volatility in Games


What is life without the risks? It’ll be boring! That’s why casino games are highly entertaining. Aside from the bright displays or massive payouts, the adrenaline is enough to keep you hooked! Know how to tip the scales to your edge when you take into account the advantage of volatility before you play.

What is Volatility?

While luck is the most crucial element of casino games, it’s not that hard to use math for your profit. Volatility is a concept used primarily in finance. It’s the frequency of the change in a certain value over a defined period. 

The same concept can be observed with volatility in games. It means the odds of winning within a period of time or number of bets in comparison to the risk you’re taking. To put it simply, it’s your chance to win a game. 

In some cases, some casinos use the term variance to categorize their games. It means the same with volatility and can be used mutually to define how risky a casino game is. 

Types of Volatility in Games

In order to maximize your gaming experience, you have to consider the type of volatility you want. The following are the three levels of volatility:

Low Volatility

Casino games with low volatility offer more recurring wins to keep your profit stable while giving you cost-effective entertainment. Small wins will pop up every couple of turns as you enjoy bonus features and animations. 

Classic slot games usually offer low volatility. Online casinos offer a wide range of classic-themed games. Test the waters for a chance to score Mermaids Millions. Along with retro-inspired graphics, you can dive into a winning streak and enjoy features like Treasure Bonus.

Medium Volatility

Get the best of both worlds with medium volatility in games. They offer consistent payouts and a chance to score medium-sized jackpots. Cluster-pay slots like Lost Relics will make it easy to land win combinations and trigger features.

High Volatility

High volatility means higher risks. Wins aren’t that common, but you can rack up a substantial payout when you do win. Outcomes are random, making features more exciting because you’ll have a chance to strike big.

Most progressive slots are highly volatile. Anticipate Divine Fortune when the jackpot continues to grow every time you wager. The more people play, the more the jackpot surges!

Volatility: Risky Fun for High Payouts

Low to medium volatility in games means a modest budget and a longer gaming session. Meanwhile, highly volatile games can thrill you with their huge jackpots.

Knowing the risks you’re taking is one of the advantages of volatility. Each level of volatility provides a specific prospect that you can choose to gain a certain amount of winnings.  There aren’t any real drawbacks on each level because you’ll have an idea of what you will spend to win something. 

Find out what works best for you by trying out different casino games. No matter what, there’ll be no risk of a dull moment in your gaming experience!


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