Discover Loyalty Reward Milestones

Discover Loyalty Reward Milestones


The Loyalty Program that casinos offer is one of the things that attract players. Loyalty Rewards are basically prizes that players can receive whenever they spend time playing and wagering on casino games. 

The Loyalty Rewards works basically by collecting points every time you play an online casino game. This can entice players like you to keep coming back to gain more rewards and surpass each of the levels. The more time you spend in a casino, the more games you play, the more you wager, and the faster that you can surpass a level.

There is an implemented Level Point system where you get a point every time you wager on a game. Because of this, you get various milestones that can give you rewards based on how many points you have accumulated so far. The various Loyalty Program Levels starts from the Bronze level and will progress until you reach the highest level. This is the VIP level if you’re a member of You can receive up to 3x multiplier with each level you surpass.

Reaching each of the Levels can present you with the distinct Milestone Rewards. Milestone rewards are the prizes that you can receive every time you generate a certain amount of level points. This unlocks as you progress from one level to another. The most basic of Milestone Rewards are free spins, cash, reward points, bonuses, etc.

As you get a higher level, cash rebates can also be included in your Milestone rewards that offers. These rebate cash prizes are generated specific to your currency. Here is the chart that can show you the rewards you can get.


Milestone Rewards

Bronze (Level 1)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc.

Silver (Level 2)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc.

Gold (Level 3)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc.

Platinum (Level 4)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc. 5% Rebate Cash from House Edge

Gold (Level 5)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc., 7% Rebate Cash from House Edge

VIP (Level 6)

Free spins, Cash, Reward Points, Bonuses, etc., 10% Rebate Cash from House Edge

The Rebate Cash prize will be added to your real money wallet and does not have restrictions unless stated otherwise. One of the advantages of this is that it gives you something to look forward to whenever you play a game. The only disadvantage is that you have to make time in order to work on it, though it’s time spent having fun. Get a taste of these rewards and more when you start
playing the games you love.

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