Fall Harder for the Strike of Lightning Roulette

You won’t get enough of the excitement by the electrifying experience brought by lightning roulette. The objective of this game is for you to predict which number the ball lands on. Each round you play in Lightning Roulette will present you with 1 to 5 numbers that get struck by lightning. 

There are numbers 1 to 36 that are in black and white along with a single green 0 both on the betting table and the wheel. The dealer will give you an ample amount of time to place your bets on the table. At the end of the betting round, one or more ‘lucky numbers’ with ‘lucky payouts’ are selected before the ball is spun. 

You win if you placed bets that covered the winning numbers. Whenever the winning number is part of the set of ‘lucky numbers’ and is covered by your Straight Up bet, you can also obtain the ‘lucky payouts’. Once all of the payouts are distributed, another round begins.

The ‘lucky numbers’ are numbers that have been struck by lightning at the end of the betting round. Each lucky number possesses win multipliers of randomly selected values. The ‘lucky payouts’ you can receive have values that range from 50x up to 500x (49:1 up to 499:1). The highest optimal RTP of this Roulette game can reach up to 97.3%.

Striking Wins from Lightning Roulette

There are 2 kinds of bets that you could place on the Roulette table: inside and outside bets. Each bet type has its own payout rate. 

The wagers you place inside the numbered spaces on the grid are called Inside Bets. Each kind pertains to the manner of how you placed your bet which goes as follows:

  • Straight Bets are placing your chip/s directly on a single number on the grid including 0 (green).
  • Split Bets are placing your chip/s on the line (vertical/horizontal) between two numbers.
  • Street Bets are placing your chip/s at the end of any row of numbers to cover 3 numbers at the same time.
  • Corner Bets are placing your chip/s at the corner where 4 of the numbers meet.
  • Line Bets are placing your chip/s at the intersection found on the end of the two rows to cover 6 numbers at the same time.

Inside Bets have considerable large payouts because you are taking a higher risk by placing your wager on a more specific set of numbers. The lower chances of winning amplify the prospective payouts you can get your hands on. The payout rates for each of the bet types are:

Bet Type

Payout Rates

Straight Bet


Split Bet


Street Bet


Corner Bet


Line Bet


The other kind of bet is Outside Bets which you can find on the special boxes that are below and on the side of the main grid. The specified spaces that you can place your wagers on are the column, dozen, red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36. 0 is not included on all of these bets. The way these bet mechanics work are as follows:

  • Column Bets are placing your chip/s on the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column. This covers a set of 12 numbers.
  • Dozen Bets are placing your chip/s on boxes that are marked ‘1st/2nd/3rd 12’. This covers 12 numbers alongside the box. 
  • Red/Black Bets are placing your chip/s in the Red or Black box to cover all 18 even or odd numbers enclosed in these colours.
  • Even/Odd Bets are placing your chip/s on a space wherein you can wager on the odd or even numbers on the board..
  • 1-18/19-36 Bets are placing your chip/s on the boxes that have either 1 - 18 or 19 - 36.

Outside bets have significantly lower payout rates but give you higher chances to win. This is because you are betting more conservatively in the sense that you place a wager on a larger set of numbers rather than a specific one. The payout rates for each bet type for Outside Bets are as follows:

Bet Type

Payout Rates

Column Bets


Dozen Bets


Red / Black Bets


Even / Odd Bets


1-18 / 19-36


Lightning Roulette: The Brilliant Room of Flashing Wins

Evolution Gaming is known for going all out on their games, and Lightning Roulette is no different from the others. Entering this casino game will bring you to a room solely dedicated to playing this roulette variant. In the middle of the room stands a giant roulette wheel and on the wall is a screen that displays the grid of numbers. Beside the grid is a switch that the dealer pulls down to trigger the lightning strike that will produce the ‘lucky numbers’.

Like all of the other games offered by Evolution Gaming, you are provided with a chat room where you can interact with the dealer along with other players. On the bottom of the screen, you will also see a miniature version of the betting grid where you can place your bets. Pick through the chips that correspond to the size of your possible bet because it is displayed at the bottom of the betting grid.

Lightning Roulette Bring Exciting and Thrilling Plays

This electrifying roulette variant will make you come back for more. The lightning strike and lucky features just make it more exciting than your average game of classic roulette. Get larger wins through the ‘lucky numbers’ that get struck by lightning. Grab this chance to obtain larger payouts. Don’t wait around! Play Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming for a more thrilling roulette gaming experience!