Bunny Boiler Gold Slot Game Online

If you are tired of grey days and want to get some new emotions, you’re welcome to Microgaming Bunny Boiler Gold slot. This is not a typical game – it has no reels and pay lines. If you are ready for dark and long tunnels full of gold and carrots, this game is the right choice for you. The main character is a small white rabbit waving its paw and who is not afraid of dark labyrinths. This fluffy bunny is a good helper in a search of gold and some other treasure. Every move in the slot is defined by bright lights that create an atmosphere of a holiday. However, it is not so easy to get a reward in the game.

Your main task in the game is to get a big win and help the bunny to avoid from being exploded. The more carrots you collect, the more rewards you get. In the article, we show the main rules. Go ahead!

Bunny Boiler Gold Slot Game Tutorial

Underground tunnels are quite uncomfortable places to stay in. However, the cutest bunny will prove this is the wrong idea. The tunnels in the game are decorated with holiday lights, and sometimes carrot appears on your way. You can see a big boiler near the game logo – help the bunny to escape such an awkward situation. The game board consists of blue sky and green grass in the upper part, and long tunnels below. In the lower part of the screen, you can see a control panel.

Bunny Boiler Gold slot machine has excellent graphics and every detail is really well-designed. As you see, the main task of the Bunny is to get carrots and catch some gold. Read more concerning the gameplay rules here.

How to Play Bunny Boiler Gold

The game is based on different children’s board games when the players need to move the tokens to reach the finish. In the Bunny Boiler Gold game, you need to guide the bunny through a long tunnel and help him to pick some tasty carrots. However, it’s quite difficult to reach some gold because there are a lot of traps looking like bombs.

When Bunny faces the bomb, he explodes and starts from the very beginning. All you need to do is to roll the dice six times to make Bunny move. The game interface is easy-to-use – no specific skills required. One of the main advantages of the slot is a Turbo key to boost the gameplay. This means the Bunny moves faster and the music gets more dynamic.

Before starting the game, you need to make a bet – use the keys Stake. To change the size of the bet, choose +/- keys. Then press the button Roll Dice. When you finish the game, this button turns into the New Game. To check out the table of payouts, press View Payout.

During the gameplay, our Bunny will face several moves:

  • Continue (Carrot): our rabbit picks a carrot one by one.

  • Death looks like rabbit bones. Our character can die or stay alive.

  • Jackpot looks like a golden carrot that means jackpot draw game.

  • Jump provides a move to another field.

  • Prize guarantees a reward.

If Bunny passes through 35 fields, you’ll have a chance to win a jackpot.


This game has no special symbols and additional rounds as most Microgaming slots, but you will face several multipliers and even a jackpot. In the Bunny Boiler Gold slot, you can have ten jackpots. To activate this round you need to get a golden carrot or reach the finish.

The Main Details of Bunny Boiler Gold

Type – scratch game;

Reels – no;

Pay lines – no;

Maximum payout – 25,000;

Min Bet – 0.5;

Max Bet – 10;

Top Features – multipliers, Jackpot;

Wild Symbol – not available;

Scatter – not available;

RTP – 95.27%.

Advantages of Bunny Boiler Gold

  • funny main character;

  • easy-to-follow rules;

  • high-quality graphics & dynamic music;

  • exciting gameplay;

  • possibility to multiply a reward;

  • chance to get a jackpot.

Who is Intended to Play Bunny Boiler Gold?

  • Newbies who seek more experience in scratch games.

  • Experienced gamblers who need instant payouts.

  • Bunny lovers.

  • People who adore online scratch slots.

  • Fans of Microgaming.

Who Is a Bunny Boiler Gold?

There is an interesting story concerning an expression Bunny Boiler. In 1987, an American movie Fatal Attraction that is about a vengeful woman who boiled a rabbit of her unfaithful lover was released. An actress Glenn Close who played the leading role in the movie gave the name Bunny Boiler to her character. This expression became an idiom for abandoned women who want to revenge their ex-lovers. Would you like to know some features that help to recognize such crazy women? Perhaps, boys need some advice here. We have collected several tips to reveal the dark side of your new girlfriend:

  • She sends you a lot of messages and calls a hundred times – such strange behavior should alert you. Maybe this girl is neurotic and has no other interests in her life except you.

  • She asks you about your ex-girlfriends – she cares about their look and monitors their accounts in social networks. Such behavior can tell about her insecurity.

  • She does not like your friends – this girl wants to control your meetings with your mates and tries to reduce your liberty.

  • She has no friends – alarm! It’s a wake-up call that signifies your new girlfriend is quite a reserved person and she may have a complex nature.

  • She is always in a bad mood – sometimes girls are out of the mood but in several minutes everything is alright. However, your girl is still angry, anxious or even hysterical. What does it mean? Perhaps, she is just a very difficult person to get on with. Are you ready for such relationships?

  • She manipulates you – “You go somewhere with your friends, this means you don’t love me” such words are quite dangerous for couples. A partner is not someone’s property. Be careful when you hear this.

  • She is insincere – Once she says she adores your Dad and hamster, over a time she calls your Dad noisy, unbearable person, and your hamster smells awful. It’s unpleasant to hear, isn’t it?

We hope you will be careful and won’t meet Bunny Boiler in a real life. Speaking about the Bunny Boiler Gold game, you won’t face any crazy human-being there – only cute Bunny with fluffy ears.

About Microgaming Developer

The name of this provider is connected with the first online casinos around the world. Microgaming is an innovative giant in the world gambling industry. In 1994, the company opened the first online casino, but it should be said the Internet was not so advanced thing at all. This fact approves Microgaming is a unique developer with huge powers to produce excellent stuff. Players from different parts of the world adore slots from this provider.

Let’s see the main reasons that lead to its great popularity:

  • A big variety of games with original themes – from funny music slots to adventures in the impenetrable jungle.

  • Over 800 slots with profitable features.

  • Almost every game has high RTP (return to player) – up to 98%.

  • Large payouts including a progressive jackpot. The more you play the more you win. The Guinness World Records distinguished a company due to the biggest jackpot payout in an online slot – the reward reached up to 17 million euros.

  • Live casinos were created by Microgaming. Most players will be surprised by extraordinary dealers. Instead of men in an elegant suit, you will meet hot chicks from Playboy. Choose among roulette, poker, baccarat and start the hottest gameplay ever.

  • All the games have high-quality graphics including 3D visual effects. 

How to Play Bunny Boiler Gold on Slots.io?

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Bunny Boiler Gold slot machine is a funny and enjoyable slot to play. In spite of bonus features absence, you have a chance to receive a huge jackpot, to save the rabbit, and feed him with delicious carrots. The game has simple rules you got an immediate result while playing the slot.