Granny Prix Slot Game Online

Do you think your granny cannot chill out better than young people? We will show that is really possible. A leading game developer Microgaming created amusing Granny Prix slot.  Pay attention to the name of this slot — it’s clear that the gameplay is gonna be incredibly funny and comic. And this machine is a sequel of game series that has been released to satisfy Microgaming fans again.

The particular characteristics of this slot are its main characters, playful grannies. They do not sit at home and do not bake cookies for their grandkids, because they are avid racers. You’ll love this online slot if you are a big fan of fast and furious kart racing. This online slot is suitable for anybody who loves his or her granny and racing. Do not let your grandmother down! Just play and get some hit! Crazy grannies will support you when hard times come.

Granny Prix Slot Game Tutorial

The slot game is based on the classic plot. The player’s main purpose is to get winning combinations that can bring players as many rewards as possible. There are no active lines in the scratch card, only 9 cells are provided here. The user should simply collect a combination of three characters with the same pictures.

In the game, there are six perky grannies on the cards, when you make a winning combination, each of them wakes up, races, and loses something they take in sharp turns, but even this will not stop their commitment to winning. Each symbol has its own bonus ratio, and the larger the bonus ratio is, the greater the sum of your winnings will be.

Granny Prix Game Interface

The interface of the slot is quite easy-to-use during the gameplay. Players find the design pleasant and colorful. The style has rich and bright colors. The background of the game has a solid red color. There is only one playing window where all the necessary features are located. The screen seems to be divided into three separate parts. The left part of the display contains a table of payouts that shows the symbols with main characters on them and its relevant bonus ratio. You can see grannies on the blue background at the left part of the display.

The right part of the display is the main display that consists of 9 cards where new pictures are hidden. These cards have a gold-colored phrase Scratch Granny Prix Here.

The upper part of the display presents a small information panel with hints. However, the game is so easy that you really do not require any hint at all. In the lower part of the screen, you can see a control pad that helps to regulate the gameplay — you can set up the slot up to your needs and turn over the cards.

Granny Prix slot provides 3 buttons and 2 information windows. The control pad looks like the racing car panel. When you change the parameters, a needle indicator will decline to an appropriate side. The game music is quite simple but it provides a feeling you participate in real races. The success depends on simplicity — these words characterize Granny Prix game.

How to Play Granny Prix?

It’s not a secret that the game rules are extremely simple. Amusing grannies will give you some fun. To start a race you need to set initial parameters.

  1. To choose a value of coin, use +/- buttons near Stake.

  2. The button Stake means a bet size per round.

  3. When you press New card, you get this new card.

  4. When you press Reveal card, you scratch the coverage of all cells.

  5. A win is your payout.

The parameter changes will be displayed on the left rate meter, the right rate meter shows a sum of your winning.

Top Features

You can multiply your bet up to 2,500 — this option is available due to our amazing grannies. Check out what they can do for your wins:

  • Granny with an orange helmet will multiply your bet to x2,500. 

  • Grandma with a yellow helmet brings a bet x100 times high.

  • Granny with violet helmet — x12.

  • Grandma with blue helmet — x5.

  • Grandma with green helmet — x3.

  • Grandma with red helmet — x2.

The bonus ratios are not quite high however winning combinations are not rare here — you can win every round during the gameplay! Hurry up! Be faster than a racing car of your gran! Every player will enjoy Granny Prix and get a hit without even leaving a home. You can play even being on the road from home to work or vice versa.

The Main Characteristics of Granny Prix Game

  • Type — scratch card;

  • Reels — 3;

  • Rows — 0;

  • Jackpot — available;

  • Maximum bet — 10;

  • Minimum bet — 0.5;

  • Maximum win — 2,500;

  • Scatter — not available;

  • Wild symbol — not available;

  • Autoplay — not available;

  • RTP — 95%.

What are the Pros of Granny Prix Slot Machine?

  • The slot has simple rules.

  • Interface is easy-to-use.

  • Graphics & music are fine.

  • Beneficial features as Jackpot and multipliers are available.

  • The slot is adapted for smartphones, PC, and tablets.

  • Grannies make this game fun to play.

Who can Play Granny Prix Game?

Granny Prix slot is suitable for both beginners and experienced users because no additional skills are required here. Moreover, this scratch card game has hints and a detailed information window for those who are afraid of forgetting how to play. To sum up, this slot is good for:

  • players who wanna get a hit;

  • Microgaming fans;

  • kart racing lovers;

  • people with an excellent sense of humor;

  • good grandkids.

There is no doubt, just try to play and see the simplicity and accessibility of this online casino entertainment.

Why do Players Trust Microgaming Company?

Microgaming developer is a leader in the online casino industry. These guys do not stop surprising their fans with innovative gaming solutions. The provider works only with trusted and reliable casinos — it is a huge success to have such games for every operator.

The Microgaming team constantly studies the market, analyzes the target audience, and tries to create products that will attract any modern user. They are brilliant professionals in the gaming field. The company has got numerous authoritative awards for their work.

Microgaming has been a leader for many years and does not stop its evolution. Although some ambitious newcomers enter the market, the Microgaming brand remains the most demanded in the gaming industry. Their products have excellent characteristics:

  • over 850 games;

  • 3D slots with fascinating visual effects;

  • 1 new game per month;

  • convenient and simple interface;

  • perfect music;

  • bonus rounds to double the bankroll;

  • huge payouts — over €820 million of jackpots;

  • it’s simple to regulate your cash;

  • amazing themes;

  • high-quality graphics and gorgeous animation;

  • stylish design;

  • the company is included in the Guinness World Records for a jackpot of €17,879,645.12;

  • high RTP over 95% (Return to player).

The developer often provides a new product devoted to a new event like a movie release, football match, championships, etc. Moreover, the players can try their luck at fighting for a progressive jackpot — the sum increases every day and can reach incredible sizes. Maybe you will be a lucky one to get this jackpot. Who knows?

How to Play Granny Prix Game on

On our website, you can play for free and money. If you choose the second option, you’d better get registered. Here, you can see an easy-to-follow guide concerning our registration steps.

  • Press a button Log in located in the upper right corner.

  • Select your country.

  • Choose the bank most appropriate for you.

  • Confirm your identity.

After verification, you get access to your account and start playing any game you want. Besides Granny Prix slot machine, you’ll find over 600 slots of popular providers on Just come to Themes and select among classic table games and adventurous slots devoted to animals, history, movies, anime, etc.

Granny Prix is a basic scratch game but with colorful characters. You are not required to have some special skills — just choose a value, start the game, and scratch all the coverage on the cards.

Funny and crazy theme with colorful graphic design, entertaining special effects, pleasant background music, and incredibly addictive gameplay will make the players feel like on vacation. Everyone will have some fun and forget about everyday routine.