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Do you love poker as we do? We hope so! In this game, time plays a big role, and every time you sit at the poker table is really unique. Have you got everything to correctly act at the right time? Can you get into your rival's head and find the right moment to bluff, not having anything in your hand or playing a monster-hand? Get all these skills and bask in the glory! As long as the number of your poker chips grows, you become a winner of the most authentic amusement on the market!

As you see, Texas Hold’em Pro slot combines poker and its peculiar features, so the exciting process will bring only huge portions of emotions and victories. You can get a great pleasure playing it and even tickle your nerves because you can increase the bet during the cards distribution process. Check out easy-to-follow guidelines and start it right now!

Texas Hold'em Pro Slot Game Tutorial

Here you can see the guide on how to play Texas Hold’em Pro and other recommendations to become a true champion with real wins. It will give you an unforgettable experience as a poker fan. The slot you are about to play provides an easy-to-use interface with buttons easy to understand. Let’s check out a tutorial on Texas Hold’em Pro slot now!

What is Texas Hold’em Pro Slot?

This is one of the most well-known variations of web poker adored by millions of gamblers. It is considered that Texas Hold'em Pro has the largest number of strategies and training materials. In this case, the guidelines of Hold'em are uncomplicated. Not much time will be required for you to find them out. Perhaps, you will need a little much time to remember the poker hands. If you forget any of them or need to refresh some details, you can go to settings and find a detailed step-by-step guideline.

How to Play Texas Hold'em Pro

Presented by OneTouch provider, it may become one of the favorites for you among other poker online games. It is similar to conventional poker but certain characteristics are diverse. Texas Hold’em Pro is indicated to those players who do not like to play with a big group. In this poker version, you play with the software-operated dealer and do not need to wait for the others to make the right pace.

The rules are quite elementary because they are classic. If you are accustomed with a play, it won’t be difficult for you to start. However, in case you are a newbie, we are going to explain to you the peculiars of Texas Hold'em Pro right now.

Firstly, you make bet Ante, then you are dealt 2 cards face down, which are also called "pocket cards". Texas Hold’em Pro consists of at least 4 bet rounds.

Then you can make a Flop bet or fold. Remember! If you fold, you can lose all the bets you have previously placed. After that, you are dealt 3 cards face up and here you start thinking of the chances. If you are sure you can pace, just make Turn bet or Check. You have a chance to fold anytime you need and lose all the placed bets. If you passed all the way, there is a chance to make one more bet the so-called River before the showdown. According to the standard 5-card ranking, if you have the most profitable 5-card hand combination, you are a winner.

Being a newbie it might be difficult for you to play if you do not know any poker combinations.

Below, there are all of the poker hands ranking with a detailed description.

Poker Hand Ranking for Texas Hold’em Pro Slot

It is understandable, poker hand consists of five cards that are divided into several categories. Below look at a list of combinations, from the senior to the junior. Check out all of the combinations right now:

Royal Flush

This is a straight flush with an ace. For example, A-K-Q-J-10 diamonds.

Street Flush

5-card straight of the same suit, such as 7-6-5-4-3 peaks.


Four cards of different suits. For instance, 4 knights.

Full House

This poker hand contains a set of 3 cards of the same value and a pair of cards of another value. For example, Q-Q-Q-2-2.


Any 5 cards of the same suit. For example, K-Q-9-6-3 diamonds.


Five cards in gradual order. Any possible straight combination contains 5 or 10. For example, 7-6-5-4-3 of different suits.


Three cards of the same value, let’s say, three aces.

Two pairs

The first pair of cards have the same value. And the second pair has another one. For example, 2 knights and 2 eights.

One Pair

2 cards of the same value. For instance, 2 dames.

High card

The combination with the highest hand helps to win.


The most important goal is to pick up a winning 5-card hand among seven available (5 community cards and 2 pocket ones). It means in case of draw game with Quads, Set, Two pair, One pair, and High card, a kicker considers who is the winner. (A Kicker or a side card does not determine any hand but can help to solve a draw and indicate a winner).

Texas Hold’em Pro Slot Game Characteristics

  • Type: Table game;

  • RTP: 92% per each bet or hand;

  • Software: OneTouch.

What is OneTouch Provider?

OneTouch is a huge premium card play provider for online playing. These developers create table card games for a mobile version. Among their products, you can find several variations of card games as blackjack, baccarat, some fruit slot machines, variations of Hold’em poker and other attractive things for the Internet casino lover. 

Game designers pay attention to the mobile version of online games due to the requirements of the modern world. According to the statistics, over 66% of the world population use mobile phones because it’s an easy and fast way to get in touch with anybody you need. So, gamers can play cards on their smartphones and stay anywhere they need, at home or in social transport. It is so easy to play OneTouch games that a player can do it only with one hand.

In spite of the fact OneTouch is quite young game supplier (it was founded only in 2015), the company grows quickly and attracts its fans by new releases.

The Advantages of Texas Hold’em Pro

  • Players choose to bet or fold on the flop and bet or check on the turn and river;

  • High-quality graphics and perfect music to plunge into the poker world;

  • Easy-to-use interface.

Wanna get breathtaking poker experience right now? You do not require registration on our website to play Texas Hold’em Pro online! You can opt to gamble for free or real cash. It’s up to you!

How to Be a Professional Gambler on Texas Hold’em Pro

  • Study every side of the game

You may read all the rules of the game to see what you should expect from it. You can try to play with friends a real Texas Hold’em poker. Learn the combinations which can lead you to the victory.

  • Get more experience in Hold’em

To prove you can play poker on the Internet, you should pass through thousands of parties.

  • Be a professional

Now if you are sure you’ve learned everything possible, you can begin to gamble at our website right now and get some wins shortly! Below please read a guide on how to register on the website if you need it.

Become a Texas Hold’em Poker Player on

If you want to be a player on our website and try new Texas Hold’em Pro machine, just follow these steps:

  • Press Sign up;

  • Select your country;

  • Choose your bank;

  • Confirm your identity.

After verification, an access to your account will be granted to open and gamble Texas Hold’em slot. Do not forget about the chance to play free without registration. It’s your choice!

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