Aces and Faces Slot Game Online

If you are a fan of video poker, Microgaming invites you to the world of hands and big payouts called Aces and Faces slot. The main peculiarity of the game is modified poker combinations that lead to payouts depending on the bet you’ve made. The slot provides the standard hands, but Square differs a bit. This video poker game offers three different types of payouts for three various card combinations. You will be surprised by the gorgeous graphics and easy-to-use interface.

If you are tired of standard card games, launch Aces and Faces game and enjoy good old poker. Unfortunately, you cannot make a poker face. If you are a beginner, just check out the rules and learn the poker hands. You are lucky if you have some experience in such card games, perhaps, all the wins will be yours. Start your trip to large payouts!

Aces and Faces Slot Game Tutorial

As you see, this is another one type of video poker from Microgaming. The interface of the game is presented by a range of control keys, five cards, the table of poker hands, and special settings to regulate the gameplay. The playing symbols are cards from 2 to aces that are dealt randomly. If five cards form a payout combination, then in the table, you can see this hand and you’ll see the sum of your reward. See the main rules of the Aces and Faces slot machine below.

How to Play Aces and Faces?

During the gameplay, you can get about 10 paying combinations formed by cards.

The biggest reward you can get for Royal Flush. The game’s interface won’t surprise you at all, you will see a conventional control panel. You will see the following keys to regulate the gameplay:

  • Deal – an option for dealing the cards;

  • Draw – change the cards;

  • Double – play to multiply your win;

  • Collect – take your reward away;

  • +/- – choose the value of coins;

  • Exit – quit the game;

  • Help – learn the rules & hands.

To choose the size of the bet, you need to press a payout table. Among settings, you can find only music to turn on or off.


Unfortunately, you won’t find any bonus feature during the gameplay, but the multiplied payout for Square or some other hands can be considered as a bonus. Before playing the game, you need to learn the following poker hands:

  • Jacks or Better. You will get a payout if your hand with two cards of the same value is better than Jacks.

  • Two pair. The hand consists of two pair with cards of identical value.

  • Three of a Kind. This is a combination of three cards that have the same value with the other two cards.

  • Street. It’s five cards running in succession. Its suits do not matter.

  • Flush. It’s a range of five cards of the same suit.

  • Full House. This hand combines characteristics of Pair and Three of a Kind.

  • Four of a Kind (2s-10s). A hand consists of four identical cards.

Aces and Faces game provides various rewards for different Square hands. If you got four cards from 2 to 10, this means your payouts will be the following:

  • Four of a Kind (Jacks, Queens, Kings). Four cards of the same value starting from Jacks to Kings.

  • Straight Flush. It’s five cards of the same suit running in succession except for A, K, D, J, 10.

  • Four Aces. Square of four cards – each of them is an ace and requires a huge payout.

  • Flush Royal contains five cards of the same suit. These cards should have the following value: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10. Due to this combination, you can get the biggest win within the gameplay – a jackpot of 4,000 credits.

You can try to increase your win within a risk game – you need to pick which of hole cards is better than an open one. The right choice will multiply a payout, the wrong one means you lose.

The Details of Aces and Faces

Type – video poker;

Min Bet – 1.25;

Max Bet – 25;

Maximum payout – 4,000;

Risk games – available;

Wild Symbol – not available;

Jackpot – available.

Advantages of Aces and Faces

  • high-quality graphics with colorful display;

  • easy-to-use interface;

  • large payouts;

  • chance to get a jackpot up to 4,000;

  • it’s adapted to a mobile version – play on your smartphone easily.

Who is Intended to Play Aces and Faces?

  • experienced poker gambler;

  • newbies needing more experience in card games;

  • people who adore risking;

  • lovers of poker;

  • Microgaming fans.

Poker History: Unbelievable Facts

If you play poker for a long time, we suppose you should know several facts concerning your favorite game. We have collected some little-known facts that will surprise you. Let’s see some of them listed below:

  • The origin of poker. Opinions are divided. French people think the game was created in France and derived from the word Poque. Germans insist on the fact poker was born in their country and derived from the word Pochen that means to knock. The first references of poker dated back to the 16th century. Poker exists about 500 years and there are over 150 variations of it.

  • What do poker Kings mean? Speaking about these suits, historians approved that outstanding kings are depicted on these four cards. The King of clubs is Alexander the Great. The King of heart means Charles I. The King of spades is for David the king. The king of diamonds means Julius Caesar.

  • Hal Lubasky is the first blind poker player. He plays with his assistant who tells him everything about his cards and opponents’ emotions. Lubarsky is in the 200 top poker players across the world.

  • Phil Laak, a professional poker player who was added to the Guinness World Records due to the longest poker gameplay lasted about 90 hours without breaks.

  • The suits have some meaning. Spades mean noble people, clubs mean peasantry, hearts symbolize church, and diamonds mean traders.

About Microgaming

Since 1994, the company has showed significant results and gained the trust of a million fans all around the world. Microgaming creates high-quality online slots with amazing features that bring generous wins. Let’s see why people choose this developer among others:

  • Great quality of graphics including 3D effects.

  • Over 800 uniques slots are presented.

  • About 600 online casinos cooperate with Microgaming.

  • Highest RTP (return to player) that is up to 98%.

  • Big payouts & huge progressive jackpots. The developer received a certificate from the Guinness World Records for the biggest jackpot on online slot.

  • Microgaming created live casino rooms with Playboy models as dealers. The players choose among baccarat, poker, or roulette and chat with beautiful girls during the gameplay.

  • The company’s games are tested by international organization eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation) to protect the users from the foul play.

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How to Play Aces and Faces on

On our website, you have a chance to play without registration and get instant payouts. How does it work? We present several steps to perform for an easy way to get cash immediately:

  1. Deposit;

  2. Play Aces and Faces;

  3. Cash out;

  4. Receive money on your balance within 5 minutes.

If you want to join our website, pass a verification – you need to confirm your identity and then get a member account. Besides the Aces and Faces game, you will find over 600 slots of various themes. We cooperate only with certified brands as NetEnt, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil, etc. Join us and enjoy the gameplay!

Aces and Faces slot is a favorable game according to the players’ reviews. The game provides different great features that lead to large payouts. We suppose video poker has no limits – any developer can introduce a variety of novelties just due to changed logic of payouts per hand.

During the gameplay, you can get a lot of winning combinations starting from Pair to Straight Flush and Flush Royal. You have a chance to win 4,000 credits per bet 50. A perfect ability to increase your payout due to risk round. If you are a beginner, this type of poker is an excellent way to obtain more experience and even gain some cash. Go ahead!