Bonus Poker Deluxe Slot Game online

Among the developers of online poker games, Microgaming is considered as the leading company. The developer creates innovative software solutions that attract gamblers all across the globe. We recommend you to play Bonus Poker Deluxe slot that is similar to real poker game but with several peculiarities — it is an online casino game. The Four of a Kind is a highly-paid hand, it’s the second valuable hand after Royal Flush. This online slot provides huge rewards just follow the strategy and your experience.

If you are tired of noisy companies, just try your luck playing Bonus Poker Deluxe. You’d better plunge in the rules to avoid mistakes and a big loss. After reading our guideline on how to play this slot, you will be a more confident player, and without the fear, you can receive more wins. Read attentively the rules and start your journey to a poker world.

Bonus Poker Deluxe Slot Game Tutorial

The quality of graphics is at the highest level. The design is quite simple, in this case, you can see all the payouts and card combinations. You can feel as a real player with a table and dealer. To boost your thrill of competition, you won’t have any trouble with payouts and game control. In Bonus Poker Deluxe game, you can easily win, especially if you are an experienced poker fan who got the strategy. Below you will find out the main rules of this online slot. Be attentive before playing the game — follow the rules!

How to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe

Before starting to play this table game online, learn several poker hands. Then you need a strategy and a bit of luck. On the screen, you’ll see the control keys as +/- that determine your bet. Your bet will range from 0.25 to 5 credits. You can choose a bet with the button Bet One. Each time you can bet up to 5 coins. The maximum bet is 25. If you don’t want to choose the number of coins, press the button Bet Max and you can play with the maximum bet.

When you click Deal, a card distribution is launched — you’ll see five cards on the screen. When you click on the card, it’s involved in the gameplay. After choosing the cards to play with, press the button Draw. The cards are distributed one more time and you see the ultimate result. If you are the lucky one and get a winning hand, just launch a risk game. To do that, you should use Double, then you’ll see five cards but the gameplay is a bit different. The first card is open and you should choose among the other 4 hole cards. If you pick a card of high rank, you can double your payout, in another case — you lose. Do not be afraid of playing the risk round, this can bring you a huge reward.


As usual, the game is played with a 52-card deck without jokers. It is shuffled before each distribution. All hands are standard like in real Bonus Poker game. As usual Royal Flush brings the highest payout — a hand of 5 cards that ranks from 10 to Ace, and these cards must have the same suit. You can get a payout of bet 1,000 times higher. However, this amount is not a limit — you can get even more if you follow an appropriate strategy.

When you play with maximum bet and get Royal Flush, your reward will be approximately 4,000 bets. That means if you bet 24 euros, then 100,000 euros is a nice win! The Four of a Kind offers the second large win, that means 4 identical cards can bring 80, 160, 240, 320 or 400 credits. That is an awkward situation for poker because usually Straight Flush is the second large payout in the table. By the way, when you play Bonus Poker Deluxe, Straight Flush gives 250 credits with the maximum bet.

The minimum bet is offered for 2 Knights and other double cards. The player can get a reward per 1 bet — that depends on the number of coins that you can bet. The game has other card combinations that bring good rewards. For instance, Full House provides from 8 to 40 credits.

This hand consists of three identical cards of the highest rank and two other identical cards. Flush provides five cards of the same suit. It can be well-paid — from 6 to 30 bets. You can gain from 4 to 20 bets if you get Straight, five cards that come in the right order and their suit does not matter.

When you receive three identical cards, your reward can range from 3 to 15 credits. 2 Pair of cards provide 1-5 credits. As you see the payouts are great in Bonus Poker Deluxe slot that means your win is in your hands.

Hands in Bonus Poker Deluxe

Here we explain the winning poker hands you can get. Let’s see their functions right now:

  • Royal Flush — a combination from Ace to 10. This brings 4,000 credits;

  • Straight Flush — brings a win from 50 to 250 credits;

  • Four of a Kind — this brings a payout from 80 to 400;

  • Full House — 8-40;

  • Flush — 6-30;

  • Straight — 4-20;

  • Three of a Kind — 1-15;

  • 2 Pair — 1-5;

  • Jacks or Better — 1-5.

When you get any of these hands, your chances to become a winner are extremely high.

The Main Characteristics of Bonus Poker Deluxe

  • Type — video poker;

  • Reels — 0;

  • Pay lines — 0;

  • Maximum win — 100,000 coins;

  • Max. bet — 25;

  • Min. bet — 0.25;

  • Jackpot — not available;

  • Devices — smartphone, PC;

  • RTP — 98.49%.

Advantages of Bonus Poker Deluxe Slot

  • high-quality graphics and music;

  • easy-to-use & clear interface;

  • no big group of people playing with you;

  • substantial payouts during the gameplay;

  • high return to player up to 98%.

Who are Indicated to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe?

  • online poker lovers;

  • players who need real cash;

  • online casino fans;

  • newbies who want to learn to play online;

  • Microgaming fans.

Why Online Poker is Popular?

It’s not a secret that the main goal of poker players is to win and get the biggest reward ever. However, not every gambler plays poker only for money. That’s passion and style of life. The win is a good thing but the sense of competition drives everybody crazy. Nowadays, many gamblers prefer online poker to offline casino rooms with its dealers and a big number of people who want to play as well. Let’s find out common reasons why online poker is in trend:

  • Start with no risk. Newbies can easily study how to play without a big loss.

  • Comfort. No need to seek clubs for playing.

  • Income. Most gamblers become professionals and gain their money in such a way.

  • Privacy. During the game, a player can hide his/her name under a nickname.

A bit of Microgaming Company

Microgaming developer founded in 2000 remains the leader in the gambling world. Over 800 online games have been created by the company, and thousands of players enjoy its soft all around the world. Microgaming develops innovative solutions to make the gameplay more convenient and exciting. Below you may see the advantages of the company:

  • Licensed software & official permissions from Swiss, British Gaming Commissions, that means total safety for users;

  • 800+ games and slots of various original themes;

  • Individual settings of the gameplay;

  • Gorgeous graphics, 3D visual effects;

  • Each month — 1 new game;

  • Games are adapted to mobile and desktop versions;

  • Huge jackpots;

  • Access to a progressive jackpot that can reach millions of euros;

  • High RTP up to 98%.

Due to all these great features, Microgaming won the trust of gamblers who really want to get huge winnings.

How to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe on

You can play free for money without any registration and you need only to perform several simple steps. Here they are:

  1. Choose the country you live in.

  2. Select an appropriate bank.

  3. Confirm your identity.

After verification, you can receive access to your member account and easily launch the game. Besides Bonus Poker game, on you can find other poker games of world-class brands. Over 600 slots are here to give some fun and relax to every gambler.

A great game  Bonus Poker Deluxe slot machine will allow you to earn some money and prove your professionalism in this game. This simple and, at the same time, enjoyable slot has a high percentage of winning combinations, but the payouts have high values. With a special reward of 4,000 credits for Royal Flush, Bonus Poker Deluxe is a very profitable online slot.