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When we were kids, parents read us many fairytales that teach how to be a good person. Sometimes characters in fairytales give us more wisdom than any philosophic work. Do you remember such a story called Alice in Wonderland? We want you to refresh your memories. We recommend Clash of Queens slot by Genesis Gaming based on this popular story about the White Queen and her enemy, the Red Queen.

Lewis Carroll wrote a brilliant book about Alice adventures in a mysterious Wonderland, where two Queens proclaimed war to each other. Speaking about Alice, she’s a bit weird, thoughtful, and dreamy. Maybe the author wanted to show the importance of dreaming about something precious and believing in good vibes. Alice is a character of many online games, now it’s Genesis Gaming’s turn to create a slot that will blow your mind. Learn the details about the slot below.

Clash of Queens Slot Game Tutorial

This game is not about Alice, but two Queens, Red and White sisters, fighting with each other to get a throne. This slot is full of amazing visual effects, epic music, and numerous beneficial features that bring some wins. Your trip to Wonderland will be mysterious and rewarding.

Every detail of the game is made with precise accuracy. Visually, the display is created in cold tones, predominantly, in green and grey. However, the main location is a blossoming garden. Queens’ castles are far away in the background. One of them is more classic with high towers, the second one looks like huge chess pieces.

Plants in the garden are animated, that is why it’s so realistic when the wind touches leaves.

The sky is clouded and nature around speaks about the battle between two Queens. Rose bushes break the ice of greenery. Interestingly, the gaming board has no boundaries — the developer created the effect of the enlarged screen to make it larger than it seems to be.

Among the characters of the slot, you can also see Humpty-Dumpty and the twins, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Read more about the game rules, characteristics, and the top features below.

How to Play Clash of Queens

This slot is a basic one, so the first action you need to perform is to make a bet. Clash of Queens game is a 5-reel slot with 15 pay-lines on the screen. You can play with any number of active lines up to 25. Per each line, you can make 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 or 10 credits. The total bet per spin ranges from 1 cent to 250 credits. During the gameplay, you can see basic and special symbols including a multi-level bonus game that provides great payouts and free spins.

Basic symbols are paid when identical pictures are located in an active line or neighboring reels. You can get your reward only for the longest combination you receive. The winning is calculated by multiplying the line rate per ratio of combination you get (from x2 to x750).

Exceptions to the rules are discussed below. There is no risk round here. Learn more about the top features of the game below.


Besides the two main characters of the slot, you will see other characters of this story, as well as multi-colored letters and numbers that mean the card ranks ​​from nine to Ace.

There are also some special symbols as Wild (you can recognize it by the inscription) and Scatter (Clash of Queens logo). They are described below.

You can get Wild on all reels, except for the first, which does not allow to make some combinations itself. However, it can substitute for other icons in chains (Scatter is an exception).

Scatter is paid regardless of the position in which these characters appear on the screen. Payouts are calculated according to the total bet per round.

Bonus Games

In this game, you can get a bonus round that starts when one of the Queens appears on the first reel and another one — on the fifth reel. Before starting to play, you have to take one’s side — just choose one of the Crowns, white or red. After that, a battle begins.

By the way, a player does not participate in this fight but waits for the result of it. This means your win depends on the Queen you’ve chosen and on the battle-winning side. You can get conventional free spins with extended options or bonus games when you need to choose an object.

Such a round has several stages. You can go to another level if your Queen wins.

You will find more details concerning this kind of round in the information window.

What are the Characteristics of Clash of Queens

  • Type — video slot;

  • Reels — 5;

  • Paylines — 25;

  • Autoplay — available;

  • Maximum win — 7.5;

  • Bet per line — 0.01-10;

  • Max. bet — 250;

  • Min. bet — 0.01;

  • Jackpot — not available;

  • Features — bonus round, free spins;

  • Wild symbol — available;

  • Scatter — available;

  • RTP — 95.57%.

What are the Clash of Queens Slot Advantages?

  • easy-to-follow rules;

  • simple interface;

  • gorgeous graphics & animation;

  • access to great features as the Wild symbol, Scatter, free spins;

  • colorful main characters;

  • high return to player.

Who can Play Clash of Queens?

  • newbies in slot games;

  • experienced gamblers;

  • people who need real cash;

  • fans of Genesis Gaming provider;

  • Alice in Wonderland book lovers.

A Bit about Genesis Gaming Provider

The gambling industry keeps developing all the time, so many providers create unique products to make the players crazy. Genesis Gaming is quite a young developer founded in 2008. This company is not an ordinary one — it develops the slots not only for an online casino but for such huge developers as Microgaming, for example. Since the foundation, the company becomes one of the most high-demanded game providers for world gambling leaders.

Genesis Gaming specialists never use standard patterns during the developing of a slot. They create bright and extraordinary video slots that make the players plunge in the gameplay based on enjoyable stories and plots.

Let’s see why players all around the world choose Genesis Gaming products:

  • over 200 high-quality slots;

  • excellent graphics and a variety of themes;

  • video slots and casino games online adapted to devices with iOS and Android;

  • safe and convenient gameplay;

  • cooperation with such giants as Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, etc.;

  • application of an SSL technology, i.e. an enciphering system to save users’ bank data.

Being a player of Genesis Gaming, you receive excellent quality and numerous slots. It’s always cool to get a new experience, especially in the gaming world.

Top 3 Facts about Alice

Many game developers have been inspired by Lewis Carroll’s story. Lots of games devoted to this extraordinary fairytale. We have collected the top 3 surprising facts about this story that can blow your mind:

  • Real Alice was the daughter of Carroll’s chief. This little girl was the daughter of Henry Liddell, the dean of Christ Church college in Oxford where Carroll taught math to students. Lewis Carroll was a friend of the Liddell family and always told fairy tales to Alice and her sisters.

  • Lewis Carroll didn’t want to be a children’s book writer. One day, during a summer walk, Lewis Carroll dared to tell Liddell girls a fantastic story and then it turned into a big book with amazing characters and plotline.

  • The story mocks of mathematical theories. If you are not a mathematician, you will not get Carroll’s allusions. The author reveals in satirical form the appearance of mathematical innovations in the 19th century, for example, imaginary numbers. The Mad Hatter's riddle about what the raven and the desk have in common speaks about the reflection of the growing degree of abstraction in 19th-century math.

How to Play Clash of Queens on

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  3. Confirm your identity.

After finalizing the verification process, you get access to a member account and start playing Clash of Queens for several hours. We offer over 600 slots for the most demanding players. Choose a theme and go ahead!

Clash of Queens slot machine is an amazing game with an easy-to-use interface, stylish design, perfect animation, familiar characters, and beneficial bonus rounds. You have a chance to go back to childhood, to an amazing Wonderland where Alice had so many adventures. This slot can attract good game content.