Play Jurassic World Slot Online

The Microgaming company strives to make its loyal fans happy releasing slots on a regular basis. One of such gaming masterpieces was a new slot machine based on the well-known movie about dinosaurs. Apart from a unique game theme, you will be also impressed by top-level visuals, appealing design, and real-like sound effects. On top of that, this five-reel slot machine has 243 possible combinations together with some additional functions and free scrolls. Take the best out of gambling with Jurassic World slot machine. 

The game is easy to play and doesn’t require any special knowledge and skills from you. Do not lose your chance to try your luck and spin the reels of a famous slot on our website. No deposits are required. Interested? Keep reading to learn more about the game specs and hidden secrets. 

Jurassic World Video Slot Game Tutorial

Jurassic World slot is a well-themed game, which defines not only visual and sound effects of the solution but also a set of symbols you are to manage. Thus, when running Jurassic World online slot, you will see dinosaurs on the screen. Besides having an appealing look, these symbols guarantee you a steady profit and large-scale wings.

Features of Jurassic World Slot

Jurassic World is a typical 5-reel slot machine with a set number of reels and symbols - each having its specific function and value. There are 2 special images in the slot, which have additional functions:

  • The wild symbol looks like an image of a park emblem of a neon light. The best thing about this symbol is that it replaces other characters, no matter what they are;

  • The scatter symbol, which is a mosquito in amber. The main feature of scattering is that it activates the function of free scrolls. This function is only available if you manage to collect 3 scatters in one run; the position of the symbols doesn’t matter. In case of having only 2 scatter images, they act as a wild symbol.

You should know that during the free spin session, a T-Rex image may appear on the screen at any time. In this case, a special increased multiplier will be granted to the gambler. What is more, by taking part in a bonus game of Jurassic World online slot Microgaming, you will be able to watch some interesting episode from the movie. So if you are a fan of a dinosaur theme, then you are more than welcome to play Jurassic World slot on our website.

Scatter Symbol

As soon as three scatter images appear on the screen, 10 free spins will be activated immediately, but before that, you need to choose between 3 different game options:

  1. Gyrosphere Valley is the first game type offered. Its uniqueness is associated with the fact each losing scroll makes the additional multiplier even larger. In case you manage to land a prize, the multiplier is reset;

  2. Creation Lab is the second type of the game you can choose. In this game variation, all the game mechanics changes completely. All old images are removed from the reels, and new ones appear instead of them. What is more, in this game type, wild symbols do not move from a place and can complete any combinations;

  3. Raptor Den is another game type that changes the scatter making it a wild symbol. Thus, if you manage to get 3 of these characters in the game, you will automatically get 5 free scrolls.

Based on the game type you decide to pick, you can immerse yourself in a completely different gameplay - each with its distinctive features. This fact makes it impossible for you to get bored playing Jurassic World for a long time.

Wild Symbol

The visual execution of the Jurassic World video slot performed at a high level. Each visual detail looks appealing and fits into the overall game composition. The dominant color in the graphics slot palette is blue, although it is partly supplemented with other relevant shades of green and brown. The above color shades perfectly reveal the thematic location of a slot.

All those playing Jurassic slot will have quite an interesting and fantastic journey through time, which will lead them into the world with dinosaurs. On top of that, it is sound effects that will complement the visual range of the slot, adding realism and dynamics to the game. If you want to get even more from the game of Jurassic World, then it is a wild symbol that can serve you on purpose. By replacing other characters on the screen, a wild symbol significantly increases your winning chances and makes it easy for you to land a jackpot in just a few clicks.

How to Play Reel Rush

As for the structuring of the main screen in Jurassic slot, everything sticks to the classic scheme here. The central place on the screen is intended for the playing field of the 5-reel structure. Instead of lines, you will see 243 pre-formed potentially winning combinations. In addition to the playing field, there is a stylish game logo with the inscription Jurassic World on the main screen. All the space at the bottom of the game screen is covered by a special control panel, which you can use to adjust all game parameters to your gameplay.

A game control panel consists of a couple of buttons that are responsible for certain settings. Due to the fact that there are no lines in the slot, the setting of the linear indicator for Jurassic World is not relevant. The only essential parameter that you can control is the bet feature. The spinning of the reels is possible by pressing the spin button; there is also a key to start the game automatically, which at times simplifies the process. 

In addition to the above buttons, the settings panel implies the presence of special counters that reflect your current financial well-being. You will also see some other additional keys, among which there will be the button to review the paytable displaying all the data relating to the bonus features of the gaming machine, symbols, and so on.

Indominus Rex and Other Bonuses

Although there is no separate thematic level in this slot, free spins have really nice features here. One of these is a Gyrosphere Valley, which is spins increasing a multiplier with every unfortunate spin you make. But this is not all that the new slot of the Jurassic World can boast of. The slot machine has two bonus features that can be launched at any time you start the game of Jurassic World:

  • Indominus - can increase the winning combination from three to five times;

  • Indominus Rex - can increase your bet 1,000 times.

Both functions are launched absolutely randomly and can appear both in the main and in the bonus game.

Final Say

Jurassic World is a great slot that is definitely worth paying attention to. The game will open you a very bright and atmospheric adventure, revealing a story that is familiar to many. Quality graphics with a real-alike soundtrack, thoughtful and comfortable interface, as well as a lot of interesting bonuses,  will make the pastime really memorable and productive for you! Explore the dinosaur world together with the Jurassic World slot on our website. This experience is free of charge and will not cost you a dime!