Loose Cannon Slot Game Online

Welcome on board! Microgaming company invites you to join the crew of funny and friendly pirates. Loose Cannon slot offers to board a pirate ship and get some generous reward. These pirates are not ordinary guys with swords and guns who rob the rich people, but unheard-of treasures owners. They are friendly and cheerful. Pirates rejoice, invite new users to be a part of the crew and start a captivating journey to golden lands of wealth. Gambling players are rewarded with an amazing win worthy of kings.

Together with real thugs and experienced pirates you will become a real winner! This game will blow your mind and makes you forget about traditional slot machines with a boring character set. The slot provides 243 ways to win! In the article, we are going to reveal the rules and several details of the slot. Plunge into the adventures now and win real cash instantly!

Loose Cannon Slot Game Tutorial

When you launch the video slot, you find yourself on a pirate ship. On the deck, whole barrels are filled with gold coins and various gems. A funny monkey protects this wealth and is happy to give you some treasure. During the gameplay, you will have a wonderful view of the bay flooded by the sunset and the sea. The torch lights illuminate the path to the cave, where the pirates keep their treasures.

Each game symbol has become a masterpiece representing the pirate theme. In the Loose Cannon game, you will admire well-designed and high-quality animations — every detail and every character of the slot is moving. The game has a dynamic and rhythmic melody as a background. When some characters appear the sounds notify the winning combinations. 

How To Play Loose Cannon

The game has 5 reels and 243 pay lines that boost your chances to win. Remember! You cannot choose the number of pay lines. It is possible to change the total bet per spin due to the slot machine settings. Press the key Bet and make a stake. In the expanding menu, you can change the number of coins in the bet and their value.

You can make a bet no more than 5 coins. The settings of the bet impact the value of the spin that you can see when you click Bet. To start the game, press Spin and the reels are spinning. To stop this process, just press the button Stop.

Autoplay mode is available in the game but only the slot can control it. Press Autoplay and choose the number of spins: 10, 25, 50 or 100. Use the button stop to finish the endless spinning.

Top Features

The interface of the Loose Cannon slot machine corresponds to the pirate style. The icons of wealth, treasure maps, corsairs, monkeys, weapons provide paid combinations.

The Wild symbol and the Scatter have some particular goals in the game.

  • The function of the Wild symbol is to substitute for other pictures and give the wins. Wild symbol looks like a pirate ship.

  • The Scatter looks like an octopus and a compass. A combination of three scatters launch free spins.

The combination of the captain, chest, and game logo images bring impressive payouts.

Bonus Game

Loose Cannon slot has no special bonus games. However, the players can get free spins due to combinations with the Scatter. The user will receive 15 free spins — when three or more Scatter icons appear on the display.

The player cannot multiply the payout within the risk game. There is no risk game.

Players will not be able to compete for the progressive jackpot in the slot machine.

The Main Details of Loose Cannon

Reels — 5;

Pay Lines — 243;

Min. bet — 0.01;

Max. bet — 0.25;

Maximum Win — 75,000; 

Wild Symbol — available;

Scatter — available;

RTP — 96.13%.

Advantages of Loose Cannon

  • high-quality graphics & design;

  • simple interface;

  • easy rules to follow;

  • access to such features as Wild, Scatter, and free spins;

  • funny characters.

Who is Intended to Play Loose Cannon

  • experienced gamblers who need instant cash;

  • beginners who require more practice in playing slots online; 

  • pirate theme lovers;

  • guys who play slots like a hobby;

  • Microgaming fans.

About Microgaming

The producer of online slot machines Microgaming is known worldwide due to high-quality game soft. Slots from this company often become legendary. During its existence, its developers have released more than six hundred slot machines. They are constantly changing, reincarnating, improving and becoming better. So the games managed to evolve so much from the classic slots to modern 3D slots equipped with all the latest developments.

Microgaming launches a full range of slots: classic slot games, poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. The main features of Microgaming products are the following:

  • access to beneficial top features as bonus games, free spins, and others;

  • attractive design & high-quality realistic graphics including 3D;

  • a progressive jackpot in most games — the more users play the game, the bigger payout you get;

  • a high percentage of RTP (return to player) — over 96%;

  • all games are tested in the international labs to protect the players from a big loss.

Myths about Pirates

There are several facts about pirates that can mislead you. We collected some widespread myths about these guys.

  1. The captain was king and god on the ship. This is not true. In fact, the ship had two chief officers — the captain and the quartermaster. The quartermaster could veto any order of the captain except for matters related to the battle and the boarding fight. The quartermaster made most decisions on the ship, and he also decided how much gold (or other looted values) the captain received. The captain did not have any special chambers at all as we often see in movies or games.

  2. On the pirate ship, there was an atmosphere of democracy… but with really strict rules. For example, on some pirate ships, gambling, ladies, music on Sundays were prohibited. Moreover, a curfew was the main rule — the lights were turned off at 8 p.m.! Not free people at all!

  3. The eyepatch did not hide the lost organ of vision. It is so popular myth! We are going to destroy it! The eyepatch was used during the boarding fight when penetrating the hold — the pirate simply covered the other eye and looked with the one to provide more precise sight during the attack.

  4. Not all pirate ships had flags with the Jolly Roger. Remember the flag with a white skull and two bones on a black? In fact, it is assumed that the name Jolly Roger comes from the French jolie rouge that means bright red. When the merchant ship sees the red flag, this means the pirates will not negotiate. Moreover, the Black Flag means that the pirates are ready for peaceful "communication".

  5. The pirates really buried their treasures ... three times. And none of these pirates ever made a map. This means most stories about pirate maps and treasures hidden on distant islands are nothing more than fantasy. But what then did the pirates do with gold?

  6. Pirates adored gold. That’s true. Pirates were big fans of gold and silver. But they were even big fans of traveling without hunger or the opportunity to drown because they lacked tools and materials for repairs. Being outside the law, they could not just park at the nearest supermarket and buy everything they needed. So, pirates very often attacked ships for the necessary supplies. Sometimes they took gunpowder and navigation tools. And for those who sailed in tropical waters, a chest of medicines was a real treasure. When they came across a ship with gold, they preferred to spend it on repairing, crew, and entertainment in special places.

How to Play Loose Cannon on Slots.io

On our website, you have a chance to play casino games online free without any registrations. Moreover, instant payouts are available here. How to get them? Just see the stages you need to go through:

  1. Deposit;

  2. Play Loose Cannon;

  3. Cash-out;

  4. Get your reward in five minutes.

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The brave captain, reliable crew, and a trouble-free gun will help scare off the enemy and get the loot. The Loose Cannon slot machine is full of different goods. Here you get free spins, a bonus round and the most profitable combinations of symbols. Remember, only here you can play the slot without registration. Enjoy your sea trip and get huge rewards easily!