Mega Pyramid Slot Game Online

Ancient Egypt always attracts historians and some curious people all around the world. Even in our days, several mysteries are not clear to historians. Game soft developer Red Tiger Gaming follows the trends but does not forget about classic. The company has released the  Mega Pyramid slot dedicated to the ancient history and culture of Egypt. If you are interested in instant payouts and want to dive into an atmosphere of incomparable Nefertiti epoch, start your journey in the slot of Red Tiger Gaming.

Here you will face such amazing features as free spins and Pyramid Eye feature that lead to more cash on your balance. Within basic gameplay, you will meet some Egyptian gods like Anubis and Horus. There are also such symbols as papyrus, scarab, and card symbols. If you are already interested to play, go ahead and find out every corner of mysterious Egypt.

Mega Pyramid Slot Game Tutorial

The game has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 30 pay lines that provide paid combinations. The number of these lines is unchangeable. You can make a bet per round.

During the game, you can see basic icons and some beneficial features as free spins that offer real cash and provide you with an atmosphere of total victory. The Mega Pyramid game is designed as an Egyptian Pyramid that looks like an ancient gigantesque monument of centuries.

To receive a good payout on your balance, just create a combination of identical pictures. Any of such combinations should be started from the first row. You can have several winning combinations each spin. All the money you win is summed and then goes to your balance after each round.

How to Play Mega Pyramid

Before starting to play Mega Pyramid game, you need to learn interface. There are the following control keys:

  • Stake – here you can see the bet you’ve made.

  • Turbo – start turbo mode.

  • Yellow button – start spinning reels.

  • Auto – an automatic mode.

  • Pays – payout table & rules.

  • Help – info center.

In the following paragraph, you will see the main features that can bring some cash and make you a king or queen of Egypt.


In the slot, you can see ten symbols and five of them are low-paid. Among basic icons, there are Egyptian gods, sacred insect scarab, a scroll of papyrus, locket with Egyptian hieroglyphs, and suits. You can see some special symbols:

  • Scatter is presented as Nefertiti that starts free spins. The round of free spins is started when three scatters simultaneously appear on the first, third, and fifth reels. In other reels, you won’t see these symbols. When scatters drop in the reels, they can be blocked for several free spin rounds.

Wild Symbol is unavailable in the game. Besides traditional free spins, you can see the following features that can provide you with great wins:

  • Locked Free Spin Feature. The scatters are blocked and they remain on the same positions within several numbers of free spins.

  • Pyramid Eye Feature. In any spin, a magical eye provides you with a symbol that is cloned and occupies some neighboring cells. When this happens, you can get the payouts according to the rules of the slot. 

Below you can see the main characteristics of the slot.

The Details of Mega Pyramid Slot

  • Reels — 5;

  • Rows — 4;

  • Pay Lines — 30;

  • Top Features — a bonus round with free spins, Locked Free Spin Feature, Pyramid Eye Feature;

  • Min. Bet — 0.20;

  • Max. Bet — 20;

  • Maximum Payout — 5,000x;

  • Wild — not available;

  • Scatter — available;

  • RTP — 96.18%;

  • Volatility — Medium/High.

Pros of Mega Pyramid Game

  • High-quality graphics & bright design;

  • Access to numerous features;

  • Two-stage free spins;

  • High return to player that is up to 96.18%;

  • Adaptation to the mobile version.

Who Is Indicated to Play Mega Pyramid?

  • Experienced gamblers who are looking for instant payouts.

  • Newbies who need more practice in playing slots.

  • People who adore the history of ancient Egypt.

  • Guys who love playing slots.

  • Fans of Red Tiger Gaming.

Why did Egyptians Build Pyramids?

According to the history lessons, in Ancient Egypt people built huge pyramids to bury their pharaohs (kings and queens). These buildings were made as combs to perpetuate Egyptian rulers. For this purpose, they created burial chambers where all the king’s treasure was hidden. Among precious things, you can see jewelry, houseware, furniture, and weapons. About 90 pyramids are in Egypt. On the contrary to popular belief, slaves did not participate in building these historical monuments, but ordinary workers did and they got a salary for that.

As many archaeologists report, mummies have not been found in these pyramids. All funeral services were held in a necropolis. For example, the body of Tutankhamun was found in the Valley of the Kings and the mummy of Ramses the Second was buried in rock-cut tombs. Interestingly, the owner of the biggest pyramid, the mummy of Cheops has gone.

There is another version that says pyramids have been created as the storage area of the previous civilizations’ knowledge. French historians also made a hypothesis that pyramids played roles of navigation stations and helped travelers to find a way home.

Here we have collected some other enjoyable facts concerning Egyptian pyramids:

  • The reason why these buildings are so well-preserved is explained by unique cement grouting. Its formula remains undiscovered till our days. 

  • About 200 years were required to build one pyramid. This means a lot of pyramids had been built simultaneously. 

  • Special facing stones made of well-polished white limestone were used to cover pyramids. This helped to reflect the sun and make pyramids shine like diamonds. 

  • The first architect of pyramids was Imhotep, an engineer, erudite, and doctor.  He constructed the first huge pyramid of Djoser.

  • Today, the age of all Egyptian pyramids ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 years according to historians’ calculations.

  • The height of the Cheops pyramid is up to 146.6 meters, the weight is over 6 million tons.

  • When the Greek and Roman civilizations only had born, Egyptian pyramids were already 2,000 years old. 

  • There is a curse of Tutankhamun comb that says everybody who enters the pyramid is going to die. Three European archeologists died under mysterious conditions.

  • Scientists thought that doctors who embalmed pharaoh bodies had a special technique. However, only in the 20th century, they found out that dry and hot desert air embalmed bodies better than any special way of embalming. The bodies of desert wanderers saved as good as pharaoh bodies. 

  • Today, archaeologists have discovered a settlement of people-builders of the Egyptian pyramids. In this village, scientists found a brewery, a bakery, and even a fish dryer.

About Red Tiger Gaming

This is a Swedish game soft developer that provides high-quality games of two categories: slots and card games (poker, roulette, baccarat). All products have great graphics with an easy-to-use interface, simple rules, and detailed information windows.

To sum up, let’s see the main reasons why do players choose Red Tiger games: 

  • Extended features & high quality. The slots have a lot of features like free spins, bonus rounds that bring payouts.

  • The games offer fixed and progressive jackpots.

  • Several games have HD-graphics, 2D and 3D games.

  • Red Tiger provides a variety of themes as jewelry, history, myths, legends.

  • All slots are adapted to the mobile version. This means you can play on your smartphone, tablet or PC without leaving your room.

  • The company has received a prestigious award for innovation in slots called EGR Awards, it is like an Oscar in the gaming industry.

  • RTP (return to player) in Red Tiger games is up to 97%.

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Slots about the history and culture of Egypt are classic that cannot be forgotten. The Mega Pyramid slot machine provides perfect graphics and great features that offer good payouts as a result. As you see, this game is so valuable, so let's dive right in!