Play Nitro Circus Slot Online

Have you ever been to a nitro circus? This is not an ordinary arena with clowns and bears on tricycles but a real mixture of gasoline, motor oil, and dizzying stunts! The circus team will impress anyone who can't imagine their life without adrenalin. And now the famous gaming developer Yggdrasil decided to transfer these cult performances to the online casino gambling screen, releasing the Nitro Circus slot game. When running the Nitro Circus slot, we are expecting the most exciting tricks under the powerful roar of engines and crowds of circus fans. All you need to do is just to press the Start button and dive into the gameplay. 

The slot machine was released in mid-November 2018, but it has already gained wide popularity among thousands of gamblers from around the globe. This is not surprising at all since the payout ratio is as high as 97%. Such a high figure explains your real chances of landing a decent jackpot into your pocket. However, before fighting for a jackpot, you should definitely play Nitro Circus online for free and without registering on our site in order to learn the game rules and develop a winning strategy.

Nitro Circus Slot Game Tutorial

As always, we expect only high-quality and interesting slots from Yggdrasil, and the gaming developer never disappoints its fans. Impeccable graphics, high-quality sound effects, dozens of cool features, and tons of adrenaline - all these are awaiting you in the Nitro Circus slot. In the background, there are always two ramps where the participants of the show constantly do the tricks, so you will never miss out breathtaking performances. On top of that, the drive music makes the gameplay even more exciting. 

Features of the Game

The Nitro Circus slot from Yggdrasil is a proprietary 3D game that has 25 paylines, 5 reels, and 4 rows. It is the multitude of bonus features and a well-thought-out game mechanics what make this slot really special. You can actually talk about this slot for hours, but it will be impossible for you to let others understand how exciting and interesting the game is for real if they haven’t tried it for freal. We recommend you to play Nitro Circus Slot for free on our website. This is guaranteed to bring you a lot of emotions and inexpressible excitement even if you are not a circus fan.

Special Symbols

Just like any other slot machine, Nitro Circus offers its players a package of special symbols, with a Wild being one of them. The Wild symbol successfully replaces ordinary characters and hides the Extra Wild option, which is activated at any time you wish. If it starts, a few more wild symbols will appear on the field - and you get access to the bonus game round.

  • Collecting Feature - Apart from the above, the game developer offers you to benefit at maximum from the Collecting Feature. On the left side of the screen, there are four vehicles: the Bath Tub, the Rocking Horse, the Reclining Sofa Chair, and the Mini Car. To run the bonus round, you need to collect five identical symbols on the playing field. In this round, you will have to jump on the springboard, collecting boosters, multipliers, and other bonuses on the way. Do not forget about a successful landing to keep all the multipliers safe in your pocket.

  • Nitro Jump - There is one more bonus round to make your gameplay unforgettable. The same round can be started by collecting the word NITRO on the field. The only difference is associated with the player being able to choose the transport himself.

  • Nitroblast - The bonus option runs when three bombs appear on the screen and can bring the player the characters of the Collecting Feature, free spins, and an Extra Wild.

All these bonus rounds are part of the main game and can be accessed by collecting special symbols on the playing field. So no matter if you play the game for free or are already in the deposit mode, you still can win any of these bonus rounds and get an extra profit from the game.

Nitro Blast Mini Game

The Nitro Blast mini game starts when 2 Nitro Breaker bombs are issued to reveal cash prizes during the game. Thus, you must click on one of the five bombs - and see cash prizes awarded as follows:

  • Nitro Free Spins feature gives you 10 to 30 free spins with multipliers from 1x to 3x;

  • Add 1 means of transport to the player's collection; it can be a wheelchair, sofa, toy car, or a bath;

  • Nitro Wild symbols explode during the game turning symbols close to them into the wild ones.

It is never possible to predict what of the above rewards you get; they are granted to the player randomly.

Nitro Free Spins

This is an interesting free spins feature. Nitro Bomb free spins are assigned to you when three or more Nitro Bonus icons appear during the main game. Thus, a mini-game Nitro Blast gives you one of 3 options:

  • When the 3 Nitro Bombs appear on the playing field, you are given one choice with hidden 10 characters;

  • With 4 Nitro Bombs, you get 20 characters and 2 choices to reveal some of them;

  • When 5 Nitro are on the screen, you get 3 options to choose 3 different symbols from 30 characters.

The feature significantly increases your winning chances and makes the game just unpredictable.

Nitro Jump Bonus Game

Nitro Jump bonus mode starts when you collect 5 identical cars on the playing ground or when the word “NITRO” appears on the reels. The vehicles we are talking about could be a rocking chair, a toy car, a bath or an armchair - each giving you different rewards. The more risky tricks during the first three jumps are, the greater rewards you get.

The bigger the car you choose (it can be the FMX Bike, Kick Bike, or BMW Bike), the better the rewards are on offer. And in the last jump, you are guaranteed to get a bigger multiplier to make your winnings even more massive. Keep in mind that each jump on a trick is counted by the judges, who give a reward of 5 to 625 coins. So the reward largely depends on the tricks you perform. During your 3 dedicated stunt jumps, you can get one of three rewards:

  • The prize of 25 coins;

  • Increase the speed of your final jump;

  • The multiplier of your last jump win;

  • Ten free spins.

To receive the biggest reward, it is recommended to get your hand trained and master your skills by playing the game for free. Thus, you will increase your winning chances and reduce all the risks of your loss.  

How to Play Nitro Circus

The gameplay in the Nitro Circus slot takes place on the standard five reels and involves 25 paylines, which are fixed by the developer and do not imply any change from a player. Thus, the bet will be taken immediately on the spin. The minimum amount you can bet with is 0.1 cent, while the highest stake is amounted to $125. This wide range of bets will please both beginner players and avid gamblers who are ready to play Nitro Circus for real money.

It is quite easy to control the gaming machine. As usual, in the center of the control panel, you will find the main slot launch button, and alongside it, there are the Automatic game and the Maximum bet keys. The rate size is regulated on the left side of the screen, and you can change the quality of graphics or adjust sound effects by opening the slot parameters.

Final Say

Nitro Circus is one of the most interesting releases of the Yggdrasil gaming developer  with a large number of award-winning bonus features and quality gameplay. These are some really busy slots which can sometimes be misleading, but Nitro Circus in an exception. We highly recommend this slot because it is one of the kind on the market.

The volatility of the game is in the middle range and depends on your average bet per spin, which takes about 90 or so to trigger free spins. Try this Yggdrasil slot with HD graphics, high RTP and free spins bonus on our website, and you will definitely never forget this game.

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