OneTouch Gaming is one of the best gaming providers. This is a fairly young company that has already managed to win several prestigious awards in the gaming industry. Games from OneTouch Gaming are full of pleasant surprises for both operators and gamblers, which makes the software from this provider a very profitable investment.

For several years of its activity, the manufacturer has managed to provide more than 30 branded products. Most of them are video slots; the rest are progressive jackpot machines, lotteries, board games, and scratch games. All of them fully function both on a personal computer and in adapted versions for mobile devices.

Bringing table games straight to you with OneTouch

Known for their high-quality table games, OneTouch offers superior products to the industry. Unlike most gaming providers, this young company from the Isle of Man prioritizes creating games for mobile phones so you can play them anywhere and anytime with just a single touch.

OneTouch began with the vision of providing premium quality games that are focused on mobile portrait playability. When they launched in 2015, the company had the image of a person playing with their phone using one hand while the other held onto the rails of a train. It was clear from then on that the company’s goal is to provide a solution to the industry’s lack of cutting-edge games that are mobile-friendly.

Through the help of HTML 5 technology, OneTouch has made premium table games easily accessible with their unique ‘mobile-first’ approach. You can see the effort they’ve poured into each game because not only are they visually appealing, they are also easily accessible and can be navigated with just one hand.

Only experience the best of the best with OneTouch

Though they are relatively young compared to other gigantic providers in the gaming field, OneTouch’s products do not shy away from the industry’s big players. They know their market and they have a clear vision of what they want to provide to their customers. Thus, their limited yet high-quality selection of table and slot games is made.

Take a peek at some of OneTouch’s best games that you can play today! From Baccarat with no commission and Hold’em Poker to roulettes and slot games, this one-of-a-kind gaming provider has it all for you.

  1. Baccarat

No other game than Baccarat has brought huge success to OneTouch’s name. Place your bets with just a single touch through the game’s sleek design. Feel just like you’re playing in a casino with the game’s stunning visuals characterized by a crimson red background and gold outlines for your bets.

This card game also highlights OneTouch’s unique feature called Squeeze. You can reveal each card that is dealt on the table with your own fingers. It’s just like peeling a sticker! It’s interactive features like this that makes you feel special as if the game is made with you in mind. Level up your Baccarat experience even more with the game’s wide array of side bets!

  1. Blackjack 

Play Blackjack in this intimate setting where it’s just you and the house playing against each other! Blackjack has never been this mobile-friendly. You won’t even have to hold your phone with two hands to place bets, hit, stand, or split your cards. With large buttons and a zoomed-in screen, there’s no need for you to squint before deciding what to do with your hand.

OneTouch includes side bets to spice up your game of Baccarat! Bet on having perfect pairs to win twice the amount of your wager. In addition to that, they even make things easier for you with the Rebet x2 and Rebet functions that let you continue playing as quickly as possible!

  1. Steamvault

Of course, there are also premium slot games for you to try. If you want to get a taste of OneTouch’s stunning slots, Steamvault is a must-try. This roaring steampunk-themed slot takes you on a mechanical adventure that is loaded with rigs and rewarding wheels!

Get the experience on mobile or any gadgets thanks to OneTouch’s HTML 5 technology. Increase your ways of winning with Sticky Wilds, Free Spins, and a wheel of fortune-style bonus feature that lets you collect symbols in exchange for free spins!

  1. High Hand Hold’em Poker

Practice your poker skills wherever you are with OneTouch’s High Hand Hold’em Poker! Experience the one-on-one thrill of playing against the house in this state of the art game. Its sleek and intricate design appeals to players who are keen on admiring the smallest of details.

An added bonus in this High Hand version is the side bets you can make in addition to your main bets. Learn to diversify your playing field and put your skills to the test in this high stakes table! If you want to play it easier with smaller wagers, there’s also the classic Hold’em Poker for you.

  1. Classic Roulette

If you think roulette table games are too large for your mobile screen, think again. OneTouch has done what was deemed impossible with their Classic Roulette game. Place your bets on the table below and see the wheel spinning afterwards. Witness the dramatic spin as the ball lands on the winning slot!

OneTouch: Take the game wherever you are

Revolutionize your mobile gaming experience with OneTouch! Offering a plethora of exciting games with mesmerizing graphics and top of the line gameplay, OneTouch’s games will never disappoint.