Слоты с тематикой Древнего Египта

Roll in money with the mummies in Ancient Egyptian slots

Unravel the rich history of the Egyptian civilization when you play any of the ancient Egypt slots in Slots.io! Egypt has so much more to offer than its great pyramids and alluring rulers such as Cleopatra. Are you ready for an adventure?

Travel back in time and discover the abundant fortune you can dig up in every spin of the reels. Be mesmerized by the colourful culture and the breathtaking sceneries of Egypt. These visuals are as rewarding as the substantial amounts of payouts you can accumulate in every video slot game.

Don your pith helmet or line your eyes with kohl—the choice is yours when you pick out a game from the extensive collection of Egyptian slots in Slots.io. Exciting features wrapped in an extravagant narrative are waiting to be rolled out!

Take a mile to the Nile in Ancient Egyptian slots

Video slot games draw influence from anything and everything under the sun. One of the most popular game themes takes inspiration from Ancient Egypt. It’s a fantastic niche that will fire up your imagination into all sorts of stories.

All of these Egyptian slots are brought to you by the top game providers in the industry such as Play’n GO and Pragmatic Play. Take a look at some of the ancient Egypt slots you can play in Slots.io listed below:


  • Book of Dead


Tag along with the most daring explorer in the world in the Book of Dead slot. Rich Wilde is on the quest to retrieve an ancient and magical book from Egypt. Dodge booby traps with an RTP of 96.21%. 

Go on an immersive adventure delivered by top-notch visuals and sound effects. Traverse a winding hallway that will lead you to the top of the pyramid while it shares the history of the empire in pictographs engraved on the pillars. Tune into the background music of hypnotic flutes and bells to keep yourself cool and calm.

For your valiant efforts, you can be rewarded with a whopping total of 250,000 times your stake in every spin! Fortify your chances of winning with the help of the Free Spins feature and other awesome bonuses.


  • Golden Glyph


Unlock the mysteries that shroud the brilliance of the Golden Glyph. Begin your investigation in the seven reels of this Egyptian slot with the guidance of an RTP of 96.19%. Decode good luck and fortune with the game’s cluster pay system.

Place a wager for as low as €0.20 and take the reels for a lucky spin. The golden glyph will light your way to success. It has the ability to activate Power-ups such as the Power Wild, Blaze of Fire, Eye of Horus, and the Golden Scarab.

Quench your eye's thirst for beauty with the stunning view of the Nile River alongside lush trees, great stone houses, and the magnificent pyramids. Accumulate massive payouts up to €25,000 per spin to the thunderous tune of drums, horns and harps fit for any mighty pharaoh!


  • Valley of the Gods


Tread lightly into the Valley of the Gods. Each step and corner is packed with immense power that no mortal can cope with. To experience glory like no other, take the reels for a spin at an RTP of 96.2%.

Nothing is short of grandiose and power in this ancient Egyptian slot. Obtain godly chances of winning with the 3,125 ways to win in every spin! Come across a supernatural force when you get bonus rewards such as Win Multipliers and Extra Lives. 

Experience an out of this world encounter from the beginning to every end of your spin! Watch the cinematic introduction of the Valley of the Gods slot game that will plunge you deep into the narrative. Sapphire sparks and golden features will make winning 1, 500 times your stake sublime!


  • Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith


Ready for another pyramid action? Join Sara and Will as they weave through the maze-like structure of the pyramid to recover a magical relic. It’s a key to the substantial prizes you can win in Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith.

Aside from its 6-reel, 20-payline slot grid, you can enjoy playing a bonus game with the two tomb raiders. Decide which door you want to open and rack up the fortune behind each stone door. 

Be careful not to come across a reanimated mummy, so ask for help from Bastet! Another bonus feature will let you pick and click the prizes you want when the displayed meters are filled up.

Brace yourself for a one of a kind adventure at an RTP of 96.37%. Let an enigmatic song from lutes and drums make winning 25,000 credits as resounding as the heavy stone doors that open up dozens of possibilities.


  • Leprechaun Goes to Egypt


Do you want a whole new take on the Egyptian slots you normally play? Experience Egypt from a new perspective when you play Leprechaun Goes to Egypt slot. The pot of gold is not at the end of the rainbow, but it lies at the top of the pyramid!

Watch as the golden sand of the desert turns into green fields of lucky clovers while the Sphinx grows a bear that will put any Irish man to shame! Get the best of both worlds when you listen to the surprisingly harmonious marriage of hypnotic Egyptian tunes and playful Irish songs.

The elaborate and interesting combination of two distinct cultures is a rewarding experience as it is. However, you can get the most out of it when you spin the reels at an RTP of 97%. Get a chance to accumulate abundant fortunes that can amount up to 3,000 credits per spin!

Winning in Ancient Egypt slots is no pyramid scheme!

Ancient Egypt has left behind many things, giving way to a diverse collection of Egyptian slots you can choose from. It’s your time to make a mark in your gaming history by racking up colossal amounts of payouts in every spin of the reels!