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Escaping the humdrum of everyday life has never been easier! With our wide selection of anime demo slots, you can choose from different slot games that will take you all the way to Japan and back. Get ready for the rush of excitement and fluttering feelings when you play games from the best developers, Microgaming, Netent and Play’n GO. 

Free Anime Slots

Whether you like the rush of feelings in shoujo anime or prefer the adrenaline-pumping action of shonen anime, you’ll find the perfect game for you here. Explore every single thing a slot game offers without spending a dime. Its special features, gameplay and overall creative design are all yours to discover when you play anime demo slots. Find out which game suits your taste best before trying your luck for real. 

Top Anime Slots

A wide assortment of free anime slots waits for you at It can be quite overwhelming to select among a dozen options, that’s why we’ve specially handpicked a select few to help you choose only from the cream of the crop. Browse through the shortlist below and play anime slots for free at

Ninja Ways by Red Tiger

Japan is all about the ninjas and the solitary life of a shinobi. Go back in time to the shogun era where samurais and assassins lurking in the shadows were a thing when you play Ninja Ways

Made by the visually innovative Red Tiger Gaming, Ninja Ways features a ninja character that might strike you as familiar. If you’re into the shonen genre, then one look at the grey-haired masked shinobi will have you thinking of a specific anime set in the world of great shinobis. With a multitude of features to unlock and fantastic animations to accompany them, you’ll have a great time chasing after the 1,000x jackpot! 

Highschool Manga by Wazdan

High school truly is a magical time especially for young lovers who don’t know any better. No one other than shoujo anime captures the electric feeling of being in love for the first time. Relive your days as a giggling teenager in Wazdan’s Highschool Manga!

Feel like you’re watching a young girl’s anime when you open the game and find different characters on the reels. In every spin, you delve deeper into the story and learn about the unique stories each character tells. Who knows what you’ll find when you open your locker? A love letter or a jackpot worth 15,000x your wager might be waiting for you inside.

Our Days by Microgaming

Feel the rush of first love all over again in Microgaming’s Our Days. Partnered with an accompanying instrumental fit for an outro song, you’ll be immersed in the game’s narrative revolving around four girls, a single guy and lots of unresolved romantic tension. 

The game comes complete with the stereotypical high school cast of a temperamental tsundere, shy meganekko, straightforward athlete and self-assured president along with the boy of their dreams. Find out which of the pretty girls wins the heart of their one true love when you spin and chase after the 15,000x jackpot.

Magic Maid Cafe by Netent

‘How can I serve you today, master?’ Open the doors to NetEnt’s Magic Maid Cafe and be greeted by wonderful waitresses dressed in cute maid outfits!

You don’t have to go to Japan just to see what a maid cafe is all about. From parfaits, pannacotta and wide-eyed waitresses, there’s a lot to choose from in every spin. Take a seat and spin the reels for a chance in being the master of the month and winning up to 1,875x your wager! 

Moon Princess by Play’n GO

From the celestial power of the night’s orb comes the magical soldiers of the galaxy. Reminisce the golden days of shoujo manga with female warriors taking the limelight when you play Moon Princess by Play’n GO!

Look out for the three pretty moon guardians to appear one-by-one and make your heart go doki doki once they unleash their powers on the reels to increase your chances of winning. Join the never-ending battle against the cosmic forces of evil when you spin the reels and get a chance to win as much as 5,000x your wager!

Anime girls will capture your heart

Lots of adventures and romantic tales are waiting for you in our fine selection of free anime slots! No matter which genre you like best, there is a perfect game for you here when you play anime slots for free at!